friday evening

i was feeling better than i had in a long time. craig and i went to his sister and brother-in-law's house to babysit their children. we wore them out early. they went to bed without protest. after they were asleep, i promptly konked out. i had to be up pretty early.


i tested for my purple belt and passed with flying colours. i am glad. it was my last time at the studio before i go in for surgery. i don't know how long i'll have to take off from practice, but i am glad to have gotten the next belt beforehand.

later that afternoon, craig and i invited my sister and brother over for dinner. they didn't stay long, jenn wasn't feeling too well, but it was nice to see them.


slept until 2pm. WOW! that felt good. went for a wonderful dinner at The Palm. Craig had a big big prime rib, i had some chicken, and we ordered the asparagus as a side. A bottle of merlot topped the meal off nicely. then we went back to my house were vegetables for a while. went to sleep around 1am.

monday morning

wake up, get dressed, walk the dog, kiss craig goodbye (such an angel when he's sleeping), and head to work. here i am.

my mother arrives sometime late this evening. she's going to be helping me out while i'm down and out after the surgery. i'm so glad she's coming down. i love my mom.

more later...

monday afternoon

feeling kinda (okay, REALLY) poopy, so i leave work early. if it was just pain i'd stay at work, but i don't want to stray too far from my toilet today, if'n you know what i mean. when i got home i was pleased to see that craig is still here.

since ma is coming tonight, i decided to clean a bit.

now there's a nice loud thunderstorm outside (that i hope isn't slowing mom's drive here), and i'm smoking a bowl. i'm trying to hold off on pain killer usage this afternoon. it's leaving me wonky and mom is coming over.