I'm so utterly exhausted today, sort of floating around in a state of semi-awareness, which is dreamy but not best for accomplishing any of the things I'd planned to. I'm taxing resources just thinking today, nevermind doing. I went to bed shortly after 5am this morning, watched the sun come up and listened to the sweet little birds chirping outside of my open window. I love that, those moments when I know I should be in bed sleeping, dreaming, doing the opposite of what I should be. I don't know why, exactly, other then I like that I have the ability.

I wouldn't be tired today but the phone kept ringing this morning, ringing and ringing and I couldn't stand it i just gave up and ended up spending a great deal of my time here on e2 and talking to a few people on IRC. Actually, I just talked to toasty.

I can't even watch msyelf type because my eyes don't quite have that ability, the reading thing.. I'm staring out the window as a cool breeze slips through the screen and over my face. I'd probably fall asleep were it not for this, the wind is a bit cool today, but not cold and heartless like it's been as of late. This is nice.

I've many things to do this week but I'm npo sure how many I'll actually do.. the most plausible right now would be taking a little nap or something along those lines because I don't think I'll last much longer sitting here. I need to go to the doctor's but I'll probably put it off until my head falls from my shoulders. I really hate those weenie's sometimes, they've not helped me much in the past..

Ah well, more to come later when I've had my nap. naps n the middle of the day provoke very strange things. Never-the-less, I'm off.