tuesday morning

the day-after-tomorrow i go under the knife. ugh. i got a call from the anesthesiologist this morning, wanting every little nuance of my medical history. that seemed to kinda hit me, "yes, they are actually going to cut me open". i admitted to the lady on the phone all the ugly skeletons in my medical history. namely, the eating disorder. i also felt it might be pertinent to get a medical opinion on my marijuana use and how it could effect surgery. should i stop smoking until the surgery, etc. i was told that i may continue until the night before the surgery. no problem, says i. it helps me more than the mind numbing pain killers they gave me.

i have a burning feeling in my tum, not really high enough to be heartburn. i keep belching, too. more than you lurvely everythingians want to know, perhaps, but these are some of the symptoms of a bum gallbladder.

i got word from an aunt that one of the worst parts of the surgery is the carbon dioxide they fill your tum tum up with so they can see what they're doing. she said that as it dissipates, it can be quite excruciating. oi.

anyhoo... i should get my mind off it. i should do some work, and start gathering the stuff i need to work from home. more later...