I just wandered out of bed about an hour ago and it's already painfully apparent that this day isn't going to hold much in the way of goodness. My best friend, who happens to live with me, is probably crying as I write this and I hate when she cries, it's as if they're my own tears. Her dad is sick, he's been sick for a while (with something called colitis or something like that).. but he's going in for an "emergency" explorative surgery today. This wouldn't be so bad except that there is a high probability that it's cancer, since his pre-existing condition leads to cancer if it doesn't go away and his hasn't. Her mother called (my friend is still at work), and wanted her number there. I thought it might be better if she had a person to cry on rather than a cash register or some such.. so I went over and told her. I hate telling people things like that, though I think I'm pretty good at it, in a way. She decided to stay at work because she'd only have more time to worry if she were home.. but it left me wondering whether I should have told her or not though she thanked me for it. It sucks having to make judgement calls.. bleh.

I slept for about ten hours last night, and though I guess it was much needed I still hate sleeping for that long. I had a funny dream where the bath tub fell apart and my friend and I were in the middle of a huge FBI operation, our lives were in danger the whole time. Dun dun dunnnn... I'll add to this later in a dreamlog perhpas.

Oh, it is later. And things are looking much dreamier at this point.. he's okay, my best friend's dad that is. I think I've never been quite so happy to hear that someone is okay as I was when I found that out.. he had his appendix out, and everything seems to be alright now. Dreeeeamy.. I'm so glad, because I don't think I could have bared to see her cry anymore. Ah.. sweet, sweet goodness.

Also, I won the Whose node is it anyway? thing, and that was very nice and dreamy as well. I guess the day kind of completely turned around, now, didn't it?