If you dig on cows and kinky farmers, this ones for you.

Still no word back from my publisher, but they're a busy company and at least they sent me a message saying such so that's alright.

Today was the release date of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me two years ago in the U.S.. I know this because that night was the first date my fiancee and I ever went on and that was the second movie we ever saw together. The first movie we didn't even know the other one was there as it had been a month earlier at the Star Wars Phantom Menace midnight showings that all of the theatres were holding on it's opening day.

All of my friends and I, decked out with laptops and trenchcoats, had gotten tickets for the 3:00 AM showings and were bunched around a table outside some little gourmet coffee house playing whatever we had on hand. Little did I know that inside that same coffee house was my future girl and her friends, all drinking coffee and making fun of the guys in trenchcoats right outside, ie: us.

Her and I actually bumped into each other at the supermarket around the corner where we had both gone for snacks about an hour before the movie started, we chatted for a moment about how late it was, how tired we were and then went our seperate ways. It was two weeks later that we stumbled across each other online and starting talking and during that time we figured out who the other one was to some extent. It's been the best two years of my life ever since.

Anyways, enough about me, go watch the cow thing.