The discussion concerning DMan took on a new dimension today with the node, a groundswell of support:
What I like about DMan

I find myself unable to comment directly; its all I can do to look on in more or less mute wonderment. Though I had to comment on one of DMan’s nodes:

miseducation of the children - A Comment

Had an interesting discussion with dannye concerning several nodes--singer,songwriter, a song has a lyric, songs have lyrics (it all depends on your audience, dannye), songwriting.

Roninspoon, (I love the user names here) and I, decided that History is an immaculate irony

I had several exchanges with root, unwanted, over misspelling the marshmallow’s name (another great name, but something simpler, Felicia say, would cut down on the dialogue with root).

Posted more of the Epictetus sayings:

Posted more of the Wallace Stevens:

Some opportunistic nodes, that is, nodes in response to others:

And a node string that is, an idea started off as an opportunistic node, today with Why do Americans persist in misusing the word liberal?, then developed into the following:

I am relieved that some of my colleagues at the piano school are having the same problems as me with the scheduling. In a way, I have it easier: I teach every day except Sunday, so I just open up me week to students; they have to pick and choose among the days.

The Recital grows nearer. On this thing about scheduling: one of my students, and his family, have just informed me that he will not be able to attend. They have had an appointment for Sunday since two months. Now, I sent a letter home with the date of the Recital at the beginning of May. My Director sent a letter home with the date several weeks ago. I’ve been talking up this event for two months. And they wait until the last lesson before it to tell me.

we seemed to have survived the Space Weather. No, I don’t know why we need to know this, sensei, except that its interesting, and that I got aurora borealis out of it. Thanks to opuie for the cool.