Tasklist for June 8, 2000

Season - Summer

Current Status:
Age: 16
Mood: Bored, Slightly Depressed
Job: Unemployed
Car: 1995 Saturn SL1 w/ Factory System
Girlfriend: Single
Best Friends: Good Relationship (we've been hanging out a lot more lately)

Things to be started and finished today

  1. Read: Chapter 2, Programming Perl
  2. Read: Chapter 1, Teach Yourself C++
  3. Read: Chapter 1, Using Visual Basic 6
  4. Read: Chapter 1, Schuam's Outlines: College Physics
  5. Locate: Copy of Neuromancer
  6. Read: Whatever chapter I'm on in Neuromancer
  7. Install: ChemASAP! program from CD-ROM
  8. Task: Drive to Petsmart and obtain application (they didn't have any yesterday...)
  9. Task: Return application to Suncoast
  10. Task: Pick up Ingredients for Sweet and Sour Pork
  11. Task: Pick up some rice
  12. Task: Make copy of Dr. Dre CD and send back original copy of CD along with Mix CD.

Things to be started today and possibly finished today

  1. Movie: Watch Heat
  2. Movie: Watch Tommy Boy
  3. Work: Clean bedroom
  4. Work: Clean office
  5. Work: Clean out car and use wet-vac
  6. Work: Fix loose speaker in car
  7. Work: Clean out garage so both cars can be parked

Tommorow > >