I woke up with my girlfriend and drove to work. I didn't drive from my apartment because we were staying in the next county over (Pinellas County in Florida) and driving to where I work (Hillsborough County) via the Howard Franklin Bridge. It was pouring rain and I had to negotiate traffic that a was coming towards me. It was like both sides of the bridge were coming back towards Pinellas County! I turn around to start heading back to Pinellas County like everyone else and start to call my girlfriend on my Nokia 8290 but I call my friend Dave to hopefully get some info on what is going on. I get some wierd error message in Newspeak on my cell phone saying the connection can not be dialed. For some reason I stop my car and ask someone running towards me what is going on. She says "It's a bomb!" and points to where we were driving/running towards. I turn around again and see two towers of light just like I saw at the Tribute in Light in New York City in March which are then enveloped into a mushroom cloud. I remember saying "Damn terrorists" and giving the growing mushroom cloud the finger and I run the other way. I think I got vaporized and woke up safe and sound next to my girlfriend.

I am in some kind of mexican airport. I seem to be at the end of one of the terminals.


All of a sudden, I am struck in the back by a flying board game! It has a dark black board, and black checkers are flying around, but it's definately not checkers. I Whip around to see who threw the thing at me, prepared to give the beatdown of a lifetime. A mexican teenager and his absurdly elderly mother are standing near an exit, and as soon as I see them they bolt out the door. I give chase. The door seems to exit into some kind of parking garage. I am just barely inside of it, and to my left about 20 feet the garage ends and there is open sky. I can't see the teenager anywhere, but I see his mother lying on the ground in the garage being accosted by a robber or some other evil person. At this point I go beserk and shout at her something incredibly harsh along the lines of:

"Listen, bitch! If I ever even see your fucking son, I will fucking KILL HIM! I will rip off his fucking head and play tetherball with it!!"

I turn around, and the teenager is standing there with an accomplice, with his back to me and completely oblivious to me, watching some younger children play in the lot just outside of the garage. I grab the offender, and we start to grapple as I drag him back into the terminal. The old lady is forgotten.

For some reason I am moving incredibly slow, and we mostly just grapple because I am too afraid to let go and get socked in the face. I get in three separate punches to his face, but they are basically worthless because I am moving so slowly. Seeing that he is powerless against me, we somehow telepathically decide to end the fight and discuss the issue. I start to speak, but I discover that he knows very limited english. I try to speak in spanish, but I can't say anything right and he attempts to correct me with his limited english...

"Si me permita--"
"Er, si me permite--"
"'Yes, he got?'"

("Yes, he got" is not even close to the real translation of what I said. I was attempting to say, "If I permit you...", which should be "Si te permito") This continued for a bit and was very frustrating. Eventually a person who looked normal but was the size of a midget showed up to act as translator, and I immediately woke up and wondered why I had such a stupid dream...

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