The high point of yesterday was someone falling asleep on the phone while talking with me.

The second-highest point was my parents coming to visit, and I should take this opportunity to reiterate I am not a 'my parents' person.

That should give you some idea of how Purgatorial (see: modernism) this sibling favour is turning out to be, especially since the allergies have decided that they approved of the results of the previous two days' clinical testings and that now was the time to flood the market with their product: iMucous.Com. To mangle words I shared with another earlier in the day, it's not that it was a bad day; merely that it was far from a good one. Not the opposite of good, but a flyspeck somewhere on the continuum of greyness.

If I am very lucky, today I may repeat yesterday's high point with one degree less of abstraction; having someone fall asleep in person! while talking with me. I can hardly wait!

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