13:16 EET

I missed the bus for the third time since last friday! They seem to be 3-4 minutes ahead of schedule every day. And for a guy like me who times his arrival to the bus stop by the second, this isn't good.
But it's not really that bad.. The walking only does good for a lazy slob like me. And don't get me started with the bus fares in Hämeenlinna.. :)

Our firm's football game didn't seem to go that well yesterday.

        Me: "Hey, how did the game go last night?"
      Boss: "Don't ask."
        Me: "No, seriously. How did it go?"
      Boss: "We were completely FUCKED!"
A loose translation. The final sentence ("päin vittua" in Finnish) loses something when transformed into English.

At the moment the players are going through what went wrong.
Nobody seems to be sure about the official result, one estimate I heard was 10-0 in favor of the opponent. Ouch! I bet you won't see many employees of our company being bought by Dutch soccer teams in the near future..

Btw. Is it just me, or are the soft-linking cowards excessively productive these days? Is writing down their opinion along with the E2 username really too scary for these individuals?
I guess everybody needs a hobby, no matter how childish and inane..