State of unclothedness that causes no problems in 75% of the world... the other 25%, however, nudity causes great duress due to social norms and this carries certain stigmas and creates certain tensions:

I can't come up with any more right now, but you get the idea. I realise that for saying this you all will think i'm a sexist pig, but that's ok. Its a little slice of the truth and I don't really give a fuck as to what y'all think, 'ause I'm already married to a woman that KNOWS im a pig..

Nu"di*ty (?), n.; pl. Nudities (#). [Cf. F. nudit'e .]


The quality or state of being nude; nakedness.


That which is nude or naked; naked part; undraped or unclothed portion; esp. Fine Arts, the human figure represented unclothed; any representation of nakedness; -- chiefly used in the plural and in a bad sense.

There are no such licenses permitted in poetry any more than in painting, to design and color obscene nudities. Dryden.


© Webster 1913.

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