less tired and pissy today than yesterday. still a bit down in the dumps but miles above where i've been. i finally mustered up courage to do something that really shouldn't have taken any courage at all. my silence on certain issues has been detrimental despite my real intention of "staying out of it". live and learn.

unsolicited advice of the day:

always speak your mind

juliet rules. i mean really really rules.

woke up, went to the grocery store for cigarettes, a banana, and coffee creamer. went to work. noded asteroid stuff. did some real work.

practice was nice last night. a girl who i hadn't seen in a while came back. she's so nice. she just got back from a latin dance convention in Las Vegas where she got to dance with the best in the world. she said she'd never be afraid to dance with anyone ever again. admirable. i don't have the kind of strength or confidence to perform in front of people. she's strong physically as well. i'm amazed. she's very petite. maybe 5'2" and 120 lbs (tops, probably closer to 100lbs), but she can lift me like i'm a bag of feathers (i'm 5'9" and ~160 lbs). she's a good fighter, particularly in her ability to defend her point zone while keeping up an aggressive attack.

more later...


2:35PM, EST. i won't go to practice tonight. wednesdays are always an at-home night for me. things i should accomplish are as follows: