A little nudity goes a long way:
Call it fate... call it luck, but when I stepped out of bed and peered out my window this morning my eyes happened to land upon a beautiful woman who lives in a building next to mine. Fortunately this building has been blessed with huge windows because she was standing there completely naked looking outside. Don't get me wrong, I'm no peeping tom, but I do appreciate a fine naked female body. It only lasted for a moment and afterwards I just kind of shrugged my shoulders and began my normal morning routine (breakfast, feed iguana, shower, etc.). You see, I am not a morning person by any means, so if I can use something like this to make the birth of my day a little more pleasant, I will.

Mmmmm speed:
Last night I saw "Gone in 60 Seconds" starring Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie. Far from the best movie I've ever seen but there were some nice car chases. I was surprised (and happy) to see them race a Porsche versus a slammed Honda Civic Si. There was a very dumb scene where someone (I will not divulge any more information than needed to make my point) is driving a car 160mph through huge puddles of water without hydro-planing or spinning out at all. Ms. Jolie is so damn hot. My summary: if you like fast cars and one fully clothed extremely hot Angelina Jolie, go see it but don't expect too much realism.