8 hours of work, and I can't remember anything I did. It's almost like it never happened, there's just a hole in my memory where it all leaked away from me. I worry that it might happen to other things that are a bit more important in relation to who I am.

Cable was finally installed today. It wasn't at my insistance, however, but my SO. I realized over the last few weeks that I don't miss it, I'm not bothered one bit about the lack of that monthy payment for a ton of dreck that I don't really care about. We watched movies on DVD, read, played games, talked, and just in general spent more time with each other.

But I can already feel that damn television taking away what was there, going back into a routine that I don't want to see ever again. Sure, it gave me time to play on the puter, but I'll give that up, as I do it enough at work.

A few moments watching for a thunderstorm that never comes, lightning on the horizon, a horizon that I hadn't been able to really see for a few years because all the windows showed were more buildings and trees. Traffic is easy to let disappear from your view when you have such a good view.

A few moments of sunlight, highlighting the light rain coming down, seeming like nature forgot to pay attention for bit, giving something new, interesting, and so vibrant to look at.

Cats that have decided they don't like their new wet food and won't eat it. We bought them a light version so they'd lose weight, not eating it at all is even better. Though I can tell they don't like it, and they're holding it against us.

A few moments realizing how much I miss hanging around friends like back in college, and wondering why I feel so alone, yet with so many people around.