0900: Statistics lecture. I should go to this, to find out If i got exemption from the January exam...

1200: Maths lecture.

1300: Apps & Imps lab. easy -peasy

1400: Java lecture - not going into this, I know all about arrays already...

All change ... I'm spending today with a few mates trying to sort out the group project we need to get finished for Tuesday... arse!

It's 1022 right now, and I start work at 1400, so I don't have a lot of time for this. ;-)

I'm gonna update my Working in Argos node, with more info about what I actually do in there.

Work was ok, nothing special but
I gotta permanent job after xmas!!!!!!!


I can't think of any good reason why I would be offered this, so I must assume that i muck up less than I thought I did. <Shrug>

Friday, 9:36am

Interesting couple of days. Went to the company Christmas party on Wednesday, held at a restaurant on Shelly Beach, near Manly in Sydney. It was okay, most of the people there are pretty nice, but the vibe sure has changed since last year's exultant event. Flew home that night.

Yesterday, spent the afternoon having ADSL installed at home, which was needlessly dramatic. Telstra, of course, had screwed up just about everything possible, and the previous pre-sales advice that I could share the bandwidth between my various computers simultaneously turned out to be bogus. It took me hours of contradictory phonecalls to suss this out, of course. Finally, a cool French techie at Telstra confirmed for me that simple IP masquerading via a Linux box would be the only practical method of sharing the connection, even though that breaches the terms of service. That's what I love about the opensource movement -- honour amongst techies that is capable of transcending company loyalties...

Today: CLEAN UP THE HOME OFFICE and take a carload of cables and crap to the storage locker.

television.. the drug of the nation..

blah. a big steaming cup of blah. never a dull moment. meme equals thought equals words equal hatred. i don't even know anymore.

on the screen is the address where you can send your tithe offering...

shit. i shouldn't care. i really shouldn't. i know i'm The Master Of My Own Destiny©. whatever.

i had a dream, joe..

i can't imagine you'd know. or understand. but here are the words. here is the crap that spews from my human mind. channeled through my fingers. here for you to "downvote". every system is apparent, and every system is inherently fucked. it's done. something for you to talk about. share it with your mom. it's a feel-good type of thing.

torture..experiments.. we're all monkeys..

we're consumers. we are all monkeys. just dismiss it. you don't care. your ideas aren't your own. this isn't a crisis. this is the 21st century. jobless. soon to be homeless. dealing with your world. i don't want it anymore.

i'm not complaining.

i never was. you seemed to think i was. when i was learning to walk, you laughed at me when i stumbled. you told me i was special. you told me i was stupid. you told me you'd give me all the things you'd never had.you seemed to think that i cared. well i did.

but.. not anymore.

take your world. take your hell.

you have no meaning.. you have no understanding of how small you are....you are merely puppets

i can't think of how i want my life to be. i've got so much love for beauty. i cycle from happy to hopeless, within seconds.. every thought i think is superceded by another, all aimed at the pointlessness of it all but still wanting there to be hope. i guess that's where i'm an idiot. and a hypocrite. because i'm typing this into a textbox of a server owned by a company of things and i have no other way to purge the venom. so i guess i am the sick, sad, little boy that you've come to know and loathe.

and it's so easy when you're evil; this is the life you see, the devil tips his hat to me..

i'm tired of people taking me so seriously. i'm tired of taking myself too seriously, even though i don't want to. it just happens. perception shapes reality. well... whatever.

i'm stuck.


I am a new user on Everything 2. I've been here only one or two weeks. And already, I find myself raging against the system.

Okay, that's a bit of an overstatement. I love Everything. It is quite awesome. But there is a problem. You see, I enjoy comics. I know much about them. So I noded what I knew. However, comics universes are extremely interrelated. I would write one node about comics, but with all the different hard links I had in there, I would have to write about six more. And more writeups related to those. In the meantime, I have a lot of dead links.
This is not a problem with some topics. Some topics are already heavily noded. You add your writeup and link it to all the relevant topics, and the nodes are there. I had to writeup all the nodes for the members of The Infinity Watch (although I still have to writeup Pip the troll and Maxam). The worst part is, nobody is really interested in comics nodes. My highest rep for a comics node is one. They are relegated to relative obscurity, and so their reps will not change much now that they are not new. It's very hard to build XP when you can't vote and you aren't being voted on.

So there you have it. A newbie complaining about things he can not change. You've probably heard it all before. But I had to let off some steam. Thanks for your time.

Today I was torn apart by emotions. Someone I had only met a week ago should seem insignificant, but I had already made a bond unlike any other I have ever felt before with the lovely amy from year 10.

She hadn't been at school for the past few days and I was already missing her. Why? I couldn't answer, but I was. Then it struck me, she just graduated from year 10, she might not come back next year! Acting casually just chatting with my friend Chris I mention Amy. Then I say, "Is she coming next year Chris?"... the dreaded response came... "Ah... no, don't think so.". Terror wrenches my heart, not Amy, she must come back!

Not wanting to believe it I ask my friend Andrew. A much better response... "Yeah, she'd have no reason not to." It still doesn't amount to anything much other than a maybe though. So I go and ask my friend Pat... "Of course she is. Do you think Amy would miss out on year 11?". Of course not, I think. Then it hits me I don't really know her that well and Pat could have been being sarcastic.

Oh why, oh why me? I want so much for Amy to come next year. I also want to know now, but I hate it when anyone says no. Today was an upsetting day...

I was accepted to the University of Michigan today.

I found out around eight this evening. My mother called me at work, admitted to opening my mail, and then said I had been accepted. So I didn’t have to wait until April after all.

I guess I’m excited. I get to go to the school of my limited-realistic dreams. I’ll be living within minutes of my boyfriend instead of hours. I will be able to mock Nick to his face instead of across hundreds of miles, and engage in hockey stick battles on a semi-daily basis. Bacardi will flow like water, and there shall not remain a shell of pasta in all of Michigan when I am done grocery shopping for myself. And beware the future dearth of bagels in the greater Ann Arbor area come next Fall. I apologize in advance.

I’m not gonna lie. I’m fuckin’ thrilled.

Anyway, today was pretty blah besides the good news. Went to school after watching the tv for those excruciating five minutes waiting to see if West Ottawa High School was closed. It wasn’t. The garage door was still frozen shut, or something to that extent, so I was unable to drive my own vehicle to school. I took Adam’s Integra instead. It is in no way similar to my car. Yes, both are manual transmission. His car is without the whole hydraulic clutch thing, so I was thrown into a crash course on how to drive “normal” stick shift cars. After a few miles I got used to it.

Talked about removing colons in second hour this morning. Watched a video describing and showing numerous pictures of the digestive process. Reminded me of that time I had to drink Barium. Mmmm, radioactive goodness.

Had Burger King for lunch. The fries were shockingly yellow. Is that normal? Maybe I shouldn’t ask.

Took the usual afternoon nap before heading off to Pfaltzgraff at 4:30 for work. The night passed quickly. I got the good news, my brother and dad came in bearing a bottle of Dr Pepper as a congratulatory gift. My brother spilled it all over the floor. I mopped it up half an hour later.

I can’t wait to go to college.
I think I’ll miss my cat. I mean, I love my family,
but they can’t compare to an overloved, senile,
decrepit old feline named Bean.
He once donated his fur for one of my art inspirations.
How many mothers would give their hair to their children?
I think we know who the winner is.

This is a daylog written in SMALL font. I leave it to the goodness of your browser to decide if you can read it without going blind. I don't want to take up too much space today. And it is a rant. Full of bitching. I even complain about my lot, which is a cardinal sin.
Today I mostly fucked around. Productivity == zero, in part due to the anticipated Christmas that this place seems to enjoy. Homesickness. It is also very late, I am very tired, but it is the kind of tired that makes me uncapable of stopping the Wheel of Oppression and leaving the damned keyboard that has become second nature to me.
Now, that was one big chunky paragraph, wasn't it. I also wasted a lot of time on IRC, but mostly on e2-related channels. I did not learn anything. I should be learning stuff to make myself competitive in the global marketplace, right ? Instead of trying for Level 8.
What else ... today is bachelor day, the day when me and my SO pretend that we do not live together, so no conflict on that side. I wrote email to my parents, which is always a good thing. The Popocatetpl is spewing ash, not a very good thing.


I bought a Palm IIIc for my SO, as a Christmas present. Still convinced that Christmas is a clever plot for making migrants and displaced people feel like shit.
But there must be at least one good spot in the day ? Hmmm ... well, Miss Nice was nice to me, but she always is, since she is nice to everybody. She is cute, but I cannot lust after all. That would lead to even more fuckuppery.
Since I am a boss, today I discussed firing people with my. I reccomended someone for axeing - it was disturbingly easy. I have to say that the guy is a turbo slacker. Now, I have nothing against slackers and slack (and Vitamin X), but I like my slackers to be productive. If they can do their share in two hours, and then elect to slack all day, more power to them.
But, if on the other side, they entertain me with the illusion of progress at project meeting, after a while I get pissed off.
I am turning into a mean bastard. Wait, I already was one: the only thing my SO and my father consistenly agree on is my lack of empathy with people. And who am I to disagree ? After all, they know me. But I try to present a human facade to the world. Some days it is tiring. Today, it was.

and then ashes rained from the sky

4:00 am
That's today, December 15, for those weirdos who put their daylogs on the day after they happen...

Awoken by a fire alarm. Joy and stuff. Everyone mills around the exits of the guys' dorm as usual, waiting for the alarm to go back off, when we catch the first smell of smoke and realize that something actually is on fire this time.

There was a fire in one of the trash rooms on the third floor.

So everyone was made to stay out longer, most people in varying stages of undress, in the frosty cold of a December morning... watching the firemen milling around the exits doing apparently nothing. Rooha.

Someone got the bright idea to get us all someplace warmer, and everyone got herded up the hill to the student center. I ain't never seen so many people in there, it was amazing. Ten minutes later the all clear is out and everyone's sent back to bed, except me who is compelled to come back and node this, like the compulsive everythingian I am.

Now I'm going to bed. I'll start the day over in a few hours.


Bleah. Once again, I've woken up a bit too late... =(

Last night's cool work in Metal Gear Solid: I somehow managed to get rid of Psycho Mantis (not as cool fight as they said the PS version of this was... maybe he should have read my hard drive and clock? =) and ended up to be the cannon fodder for Sniper Wolf.

Those wolf/dog hybrids in the game look surprisingly cool. Especially the pup. =)

Wellwell... time to face the challenges of the day.


Okay, it was impossible to find an used Playstation. Maybe this will help me to get rid of the MGS addiction =)

Instead, the coolest thing that happened today: I found more Gunpowder Tea. Just what I need to deal best with the other addiction I have - caffeine. =)

Just thinking: Has Hideo Kojima played Nethack? That above-mentioned dog pup with a heart appearing above its head seemed strangely familiar... =)


Sniper Wolf down... and I got to that dreaded interrogation scene. Hmm. This is getting interesting.

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: Psycho Mantis Sniper Wolf

Updated: Metal Gear Solid

Strangest phone call of my life... (so far)

Shortly after 1am this morning, I was chilling with my friend, Allen, watching the current in a series of movie rentals all, coincidentely, having to do with reality: Final Destination, Brainstorm, and now Total Recall, based on the story by Philip K. Dick. My cell phone rings while Sharon Stone is kicking Arnold Schwarzenneger in the crotch. By the time I got to my coat pocket, I had decided not to take the call and the phone had stopped ringing. I pulled it out to check the caller id--the phone was on and a connection was established. I must have hit a button by mistake. The name of my new friend Ly blinks at me from the illuminated screen. I hear her voice as I raise the phone to my ear and step into the kitchen: Hello? Hello?

I hung out with Ly last night at her apartment. We ate some sushi and watched a movie with her housemate. Tonight she calls me on the phone and, within a minute of greeting her, the following words left her lips as I stood in my friend's kitchen: I have a proposal.... I would really like to have sex with you. Would you like to have sex with me?

Let me assure you that an event such as this is not a common occurance in my life. I've had my share of interesting sexual situations but never a simple, outright request for copulation. In the next instant my nervous system flipped quickly through astonishment, excitement, flattery, humor, awe. I surprised myself with how relaxed and calm I felt after hearing such provocative words. If I had imagined a fantasy scene like this in my head, I would have given myself the same cool and comfortable air that I felt at that moment. I know that life is a trip and truly novel events happen all the time; as fate would have it, this particular conversation happened at an incompatible time in my life--my SO of more than a year is returning this weekend from Florence, Italy. As I told Ly the night before, I am committed to her both emotionally and sexually. But, as I soon found out, Ly is a determined woman and, as quite obvious from what you already know about her, someone who is not afraid to speak her mind. That is where the respect came in. I am exactly the kind of person who could never do something quite as bold as telling a person I'm attracted to you physically and--to put it simply--care to get horizontal?

Though I repeated my commitments to her, Ly is indeed a determined woman and made it clear that she was quite capable of separating love from sex and that our union would have no strings attached, a probably one-time affair. She also told me how she was not sexually commited to her current mate and asked if my relationship was perhaps of a similar kind. I told her it was not and commented on how flattered I was (felt trite as I used that word) and impressed by how earnest she was. I told her that my dreams are the only place I allow myself inconstancy. She said it will only be one night...we'll be each other's dream and wake up from it in the morning... This woman was not only horny, she was unswervable. Which brings us to the last twist:

I'd take your shirt off, if you were standing here in front of me. I'd kiss those precious lips, the lobe of your ear and the bottom of your neck. I'd run my fingers down your chest, pull on your nipples... I almost had to pinch myself--the kitchen became a surreal landscape: running my thumb along the beveled edge of the dark marble countertop, socked foot sliding the tassled mat around the hardwood floor, machine gun fire erupting from the TV screen, phone-seducing Vietnamese girl whispering soft smut into my ear. I was still cool and interrupted her before she went further--told her exactly what I thought, that the situation was slightly too strange for me to be having this conversation. She asked me if she was making me uncomfortable, if I thought sharing fantasies was sinful. I told her I didn't feel at all uncomfortable about it and that I'm sure we'll talk about it in the near-future.

As we said our goodbyes she said the ball's in your court, as if she was still awaiting a decision on my part. I affirmed that I would have to decline her offer but she said she only meant that she'd wait for my phone call. I told her to feel free to call me anytime and she said she would. It remains to be seen what those future conversations will be like. Reality.

wake up, walk cozmo, smoke, shower, clean the house a bit, start the dishes, get dressed, go to work.

i had submitted a nuke request yesterday for pallas, an uncredited cut-and-paste from britannica. my nuke request was removed but pallas wasn't. so i resubmitted the request... then discovered that almost all of this users factual writeups are uncredited cut-and-pastes. so i expanded the nuke request. 100 out of his 280 writeups. sheesh.

yesterday was interesting. today is stressing me. too little time to accomplish too many things. tomorrow i leave to go to my mom's house. i am excited. very very excited. but i still gotta do laundry, pack, wrap christmas gifts, and whatever other misc. stuff i'm forgetting. the man should be heading down here today, and we'll leave in the morning with my sister.

more later, i gotta finish working so i can try to leave early.
Today is my 45th birthday; just a bit chilling to see the end to what is hopefully the first third of my life. Also because in our new house one of the bathrooms has so many mirrors that I can see myself from virtually all sides. At the same time the combination of light and mirror quality in that room makes the images of me so unflattering that it can create a state of positive dismay.

Oh well. I show up better in the other bathroom's mirror, but I get the point. I look pretty good for my age, and have been pretty serious about being in shape and eating well, blah blah blah.

The thing is, finding a way to improve and maintain one's well-being without being obsessed or mechanical or teidious about it. When I see myself having these thoughts and making plans and so on, I feel like just another package sliding down the same chute as thousands of other identical packages, having the thoughts/feelings/desires that occur like clockwork to a person my age.

At the same time, I have to work on myself regardless of how mass-produced it makes me feel.

Hello World!!

I went to Juanells' funeral last Saturday. I sat alone, not far from Dr. Mac and his family. I was suddenly aware of my own mortality as her son gave his eulogy.....flashes of my son giving mine...Jaunell was a prayer warrior which meant she was going to pray for me whether I liked it or not...and a lot of the time I didn't like what she was praying for about me, but that was the way Juanell was and she was loved for that. She had courage. We disagreed on a lot of things, but still managed to keep a friendship. One in particular was the question Does Santa exist?. I struggled with this as a parent...for a long time.

Do I lie to my children? Oh and how I hate the commercialism of the holiday season....

Juanell and I would talk about this for hours. She and her daughter decided that her grandchildren would know the truth. So it began with the oldest of her grandchildern then later her traditions changed. I had a husband I had to compromise with, he wanted the joy of seeing his kids believe in Santa and I did too. Holidays were hard for me growing up I wanted it to be better for my sons. It's a part of our culture and heritage I would ask her....what about miracles? I believe in miracles! Stubbornly I would argue....I'm not letting Corperate America and Madison Avenue rob me of the Christmas spirit! and I was adamant ! So much so that when my sons ask today if I believe in Santa that's my answer I believe in miracles. But I made sure my sons understood the real meaning of Christmas. It is to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Every Christmas morning we put The Baby Jesus in the nativity and have a birthday cake to celebrate his birth.

I asked both of my sons recently about raising them to believe in Santa. They both say No. They don't feel as if they've been lied to, that they still believe in the miracle of Santa.

Imagine my surprise when the pastor at Juanell's funeral read the memories that her grandchildren had written...about how their favorite memory about her was the small cupcakes that she would prepare for them Christmas morning with a candle and they would sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. How humbling I never knew she had adopted that tradition.
Always be full of joy in the Lord. I say it again – rejoice! Let everyone see that you are considerate in all you do. Remember, the Lord is coming soon. Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. If you do this, you will experience God's peace, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.
-Philippians 4: 4-7 (NLT)
Rest now thou good and faithful servant!


found taped on a lamppost: More interestingly, as I snatched it from the post to transcribe I found the back covered in notes and scrawls:
    #304 2381 Trinity, CORDOVA, 681 5:07, linux_22@yahoo.com. STEPHEN ANDY FABRICLAND EDDY, JONATHAN LEE 231-1510, Miss Barr 643-7850, 218-5025.
Bon appetit.

in our last episode... | p_i-logs | and then, all of a sudden...

I was with him for a year and a half. Rumor has it that he’s moving to Brooklyn today to start a new life.

I never gave him back his suitcases until yesterday.

The good news is he won’t be trying to hurt me any more, and I won’t have to watch my back to make sure I’m not accidentally attending the same social event he might be attending. I won’t have to limit my access to my friends. I won’t be impeded from making new ones within his circle.

The bittersweet news is that he asked my best friend to apologize to me, for him for the way he’s behaved since we parted in anticipation of his leaving.

He’s granted me forgiveness before, only to turn around and bite me. And somehow I can’t take it seriously that he’s seeking reconciliation again. Not when he still has to scribble madly on a napkin when we accidentally go out to dinner at the same time together, as an act to try to suppress his rage. Not when he screams at me to go home, or beats up trees when he leaves as a way of getting out that anger. Not after the time he told me to die. Not after the way I felt for all of the ways he tried to make me hurt for leaving him.

I told a friend of mine of all the ways I felt betrayed. He stole my memories. He made all the joy we used to have into bitter reflections of the pain that came to follow. I used to love him so much. He said he loves me still. But he still did this.

You don’t hurt the ones you love. Not like that. Not with the vindictiveness that was in his every breath.

“He’ll remember he loves you soon. It’s just the anger talking,” she said.

A few months ago I might have believed that.

I hate to see him hurting, but it feels right for all the ways he hurt others this semester, and alienated himself with his thoughts of revenge and bitterness. He made our friends choose. He hated them for not hating me. I hate to see him alone, because that was what he always feared the most. But in his own way, he asked for this?

I give up.

Goodbye, dear. Goodbye and good luck. May you reap but you sow, but please, please ... sow better this time. You don’t deserve this.

So today is the last day of my first semester of College. It was a fun semester, and supprisingly enough it went by pretty fast. The only problem is that my finals ended on wednesday, but i have to stay until tomorrow because i have to work. normally this would not bother me, but i didnt realize that they closed the cafeteria until i got down there, all ready to eat, only to find out that they're closed. Closed Damnit! whats worse is that they also turned off the heat in the building. Boo! once again this would not bother me, as i am one for winter camping and winter mountaineering, but all my warm stuff is with my girlfriend. once again... another boo! so now i get to chill (both litterally and figurativly) in my room till tomorrow when i go to work for the last time, then finally get to go home for the much needed winter break. Yay!


The day started off not looking too promising. I had yet to collect my proper ticket for the Daft Friday ball, and according to Nick, it had to be done previously to today. And then I had a maths exam at 9.30, and soon after arriving at the hall, I realised that I had neither my calculator nor my pencil case with me. Shit.

Graham was kind enough to lend me a spare calculator. I had one lone pen in my bag. Phew.

After the exam was over, I went down to the Union with Alexa to find that not having my ticket shouldn't be a problem, I could just turn up at the door with my non-ticket and some ID, and that should be fine. Phew #2...

I headed into town to collect my rental kilt, and did a wee bit of Christmas shopping. a BBC comedy tape for my dad, the two Stereophonics albums for my cousin, Fopp gift vouchers for my cousin, and while I was in there picked up a Van Morrison and Edith Piaf albums for my dad - a fiver for the two.

For no apparent reason, I walked up to easyEverything instead of heading straight home, and stuck around there for a wee while. There were some neds around me being very noisy one some voice chat, so I didn't stick around too long before going back to Central and heading home.

rest: lie on the sofa and read Wired.
My parents force-fed me lots of pasta at dinner, I think they expected me to do a lot of drinking. After being stuffed with food, I went to get ready, and with the help of a web page, worked out the correct method of putting on the kilt shoes. Ridiculously shiny kilt shoes, at that..

20.45 gmt

I turn up outside the Union, bang on time. Alexa, Grant, and two girls who I don't really know and never really find out the identities of are are already in the queue. We get in within a few minutes, and marvel at the interior - the building has been closed for a couple of days, and it's all been done up with murals of Marvel comics. Pretty nifty.. We eventually end up in Deep 6 for a few hours.
21.50 gmt
After a little wandering, we find the queue to see The Bluetones. I'm at the front of it, with Alexa, and then - the fire alarm goes off. After a moment or two, the security guy at the door starts shouting that yes, we do have to evacuate. Damn. We find a handy little space next to the fire engine, which means that it's not too chilly, and we can get to the front pretty easily once the all-clear has been given.
22.05 gmt
They start letting people back in. We get right to the front of the concert, but all the lager I've been drinking means I really need to pee. I can't hold it in for an hour and a half, so have to leave, and by the time I get back, the room is full and I wasn't let back in. Damn. Apparently it was a great show, too.

By the time I get back to Deep 6, various other people I was with have disappeared too, so I hang out by the door, and eventually Alexa shows up again.

We spent the rest of the time wandering about The Hive (two fairly big name DJs from Beat 106 were playing), the Reading Room (where there were a couple of pretty cool bands but few people listening), and the Smoke Room (we watched some of Chicken Run).

03.00 gmt
yeah, technically tomorrow

Sticky Fingers, a Rolling Stones tribute band who played at fresher's week were on. Yeah, baby!
04.00 gmt
Ceilidh time! Alexa wouldn't dance, but I did a few with random folk, a few of whom were quite a bit more inebriated than me, which made it even more fun. And there was Linn, who was really quite stunning, who danced the Highland Scottische with me, and I now regret not having gone to the bar with later - Alexa wasn't really my date for the evening, so I doubt that she would have been that bothered, and the chances of me getting off with someone that evening would have increased dramatically. Oh well..
05.30 gmt
The band take a break, and we head to the canteen for breakfast. Eggs and bacon and sausages and potato scone, mmm.. Although, by the time that had gone down, it took me a while to be able to stand up again. We stay in the dining room and chat, and count down how long it is until chucking out time..
07.50 gmt
Ten minutes until the event officially ends, we decide to call it quits. Some friends who I thought had gone home hours ago have joined us, and we leave, pretty triumphant to have lasted eleven hours. Not bad for a first attempt...

to tomorrow!

I'm writing this up on Saturday because I was awake for 30 hours straight on Friday through Saturday. I got together with Chris and Pete after work for a small LAN party, and I was up until almost 4:00 this afternoon.

Of what I can recall occurred on Friday, it was a fairly unproductive day at work since everyone will still in a festive mood after the christmas party. I got some complements on how Sara and I looked at the party, as well as some people being suprised to see me dancing :)

Everyone seemed to leave work early, so I went home at about 7:00. Chris showed up for our LAN party at around 7:30, and we spent about an hour getting all of our network settings configured properly and getting the games installed and communicating over the networkr. Pete showed up around this time and we ordered pizza.

We spent most of the night playing Half Life matches, which was pretty entertaining. I forgot all of the keyboard commands for it, so I used the awkward ones it defaults to. Sometime early Saturday morning, we switched to Worms Armageddon for the rest of the night when our keyboard and mouse agility started to go down from sleep deprevation.

I suppose the rest of the story should be continued in saturday's node.

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