I'm writing this up on Saturday because I was awake for 30 hours straight on Friday through Saturday. I got together with Chris and Pete after work for a small LAN party, and I was up until almost 4:00 this afternoon.

Of what I can recall occurred on Friday, it was a fairly unproductive day at work since everyone will still in a festive mood after the christmas party. I got some complements on how Sara and I looked at the party, as well as some people being suprised to see me dancing :)

Everyone seemed to leave work early, so I went home at about 7:00. Chris showed up for our LAN party at around 7:30, and we spent about an hour getting all of our network settings configured properly and getting the games installed and communicating over the networkr. Pete showed up around this time and we ordered pizza.

We spent most of the night playing Half Life matches, which was pretty entertaining. I forgot all of the keyboard commands for it, so I used the awkward ones it defaults to. Sometime early Saturday morning, we switched to Worms Armageddon for the rest of the night when our keyboard and mouse agility started to go down from sleep deprevation.

I suppose the rest of the story should be continued in saturday's node.