The day started off not looking too promising. I had yet to collect my proper ticket for the Daft Friday ball, and according to Nick, it had to be done previously to today. And then I had a maths exam at 9.30, and soon after arriving at the hall, I realised that I had neither my calculator nor my pencil case with me. Shit.

Graham was kind enough to lend me a spare calculator. I had one lone pen in my bag. Phew.

After the exam was over, I went down to the Union with Alexa to find that not having my ticket shouldn't be a problem, I could just turn up at the door with my non-ticket and some ID, and that should be fine. Phew #2...

I headed into town to collect my rental kilt, and did a wee bit of Christmas shopping. a BBC comedy tape for my dad, the two Stereophonics albums for my cousin, Fopp gift vouchers for my cousin, and while I was in there picked up a Van Morrison and Edith Piaf albums for my dad - a fiver for the two.

For no apparent reason, I walked up to easyEverything instead of heading straight home, and stuck around there for a wee while. There were some neds around me being very noisy one some voice chat, so I didn't stick around too long before going back to Central and heading home.

rest: lie on the sofa and read Wired.
My parents force-fed me lots of pasta at dinner, I think they expected me to do a lot of drinking. After being stuffed with food, I went to get ready, and with the help of a web page, worked out the correct method of putting on the kilt shoes. Ridiculously shiny kilt shoes, at that..

20.45 gmt

I turn up outside the Union, bang on time. Alexa, Grant, and two girls who I don't really know and never really find out the identities of are are already in the queue. We get in within a few minutes, and marvel at the interior - the building has been closed for a couple of days, and it's all been done up with murals of Marvel comics. Pretty nifty.. We eventually end up in Deep 6 for a few hours.
21.50 gmt
After a little wandering, we find the queue to see The Bluetones. I'm at the front of it, with Alexa, and then - the fire alarm goes off. After a moment or two, the security guy at the door starts shouting that yes, we do have to evacuate. Damn. We find a handy little space next to the fire engine, which means that it's not too chilly, and we can get to the front pretty easily once the all-clear has been given.
22.05 gmt
They start letting people back in. We get right to the front of the concert, but all the lager I've been drinking means I really need to pee. I can't hold it in for an hour and a half, so have to leave, and by the time I get back, the room is full and I wasn't let back in. Damn. Apparently it was a great show, too.

By the time I get back to Deep 6, various other people I was with have disappeared too, so I hang out by the door, and eventually Alexa shows up again.

We spent the rest of the time wandering about The Hive (two fairly big name DJs from Beat 106 were playing), the Reading Room (where there were a couple of pretty cool bands but few people listening), and the Smoke Room (we watched some of Chicken Run).

03.00 gmt
yeah, technically tomorrow

Sticky Fingers, a Rolling Stones tribute band who played at fresher's week were on. Yeah, baby!
04.00 gmt
Ceilidh time! Alexa wouldn't dance, but I did a few with random folk, a few of whom were quite a bit more inebriated than me, which made it even more fun. And there was Linn, who was really quite stunning, who danced the Highland Scottische with me, and I now regret not having gone to the bar with later - Alexa wasn't really my date for the evening, so I doubt that she would have been that bothered, and the chances of me getting off with someone that evening would have increased dramatically. Oh well..
05.30 gmt
The band take a break, and we head to the canteen for breakfast. Eggs and bacon and sausages and potato scone, mmm.. Although, by the time that had gone down, it took me a while to be able to stand up again. We stay in the dining room and chat, and count down how long it is until chucking out time..
07.50 gmt
Ten minutes until the event officially ends, we decide to call it quits. Some friends who I thought had gone home hours ago have joined us, and we leave, pretty triumphant to have lasted eleven hours. Not bad for a first attempt...

to tomorrow!