4:00 am
That's today, December 15, for those weirdos who put their daylogs on the day after they happen...

Awoken by a fire alarm. Joy and stuff. Everyone mills around the exits of the guys' dorm as usual, waiting for the alarm to go back off, when we catch the first smell of smoke and realize that something actually is on fire this time.

There was a fire in one of the trash rooms on the third floor.

So everyone was made to stay out longer, most people in varying stages of undress, in the frosty cold of a December morning... watching the firemen milling around the exits doing apparently nothing. Rooha.

Someone got the bright idea to get us all someplace warmer, and everyone got herded up the hill to the student center. I ain't never seen so many people in there, it was amazing. Ten minutes later the all clear is out and everyone's sent back to bed, except me who is compelled to come back and node this, like the compulsive everythingian I am.

Now I'm going to bed. I'll start the day over in a few hours.