television.. the drug of the nation..

blah. a big steaming cup of blah. never a dull moment. meme equals thought equals words equal hatred. i don't even know anymore.

on the screen is the address where you can send your tithe offering...

shit. i shouldn't care. i really shouldn't. i know i'm The Master Of My Own Destiny©. whatever.

i had a dream, joe..

i can't imagine you'd know. or understand. but here are the words. here is the crap that spews from my human mind. channeled through my fingers. here for you to "downvote". every system is apparent, and every system is inherently fucked. it's done. something for you to talk about. share it with your mom. it's a feel-good type of thing.

torture..experiments.. we're all monkeys..

we're consumers. we are all monkeys. just dismiss it. you don't care. your ideas aren't your own. this isn't a crisis. this is the 21st century. jobless. soon to be homeless. dealing with your world. i don't want it anymore.

i'm not complaining.

i never was. you seemed to think i was. when i was learning to walk, you laughed at me when i stumbled. you told me i was special. you told me i was stupid. you told me you'd give me all the things you'd never seemed to think that i cared. well i did.

but.. not anymore.

take your world. take your hell.

you have no meaning.. you have no understanding of how small you are merely puppets

i can't think of how i want my life to be. i've got so much love for beauty. i cycle from happy to hopeless, within seconds.. every thought i think is superceded by another, all aimed at the pointlessness of it all but still wanting there to be hope. i guess that's where i'm an idiot. and a hypocrite. because i'm typing this into a textbox of a server owned by a company of things and i have no other way to purge the venom. so i guess i am the sick, sad, little boy that you've come to know and loathe.

and it's so easy when you're evil; this is the life you see, the devil tips his hat to me..

i'm tired of people taking me so seriously. i'm tired of taking myself too seriously, even though i don't want to. it just happens. perception shapes reality. well... whatever.

i'm stuck.