Bleah. Once again, I've woken up a bit too late... =(

Last night's cool work in Metal Gear Solid: I somehow managed to get rid of Psycho Mantis (not as cool fight as they said the PS version of this was... maybe he should have read my hard drive and clock? =) and ended up to be the cannon fodder for Sniper Wolf.

Those wolf/dog hybrids in the game look surprisingly cool. Especially the pup. =)

Wellwell... time to face the challenges of the day.


Okay, it was impossible to find an used Playstation. Maybe this will help me to get rid of the MGS addiction =)

Instead, the coolest thing that happened today: I found more Gunpowder Tea. Just what I need to deal best with the other addiction I have - caffeine. =)

Just thinking: Has Hideo Kojima played Nethack? That above-mentioned dog pup with a heart appearing above its head seemed strangely familiar... =)


Sniper Wolf down... and I got to that dreaded interrogation scene. Hmm. This is getting interesting.

Other day logs o' mine...

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