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Just a little something about myself to start (as a newbie I don't need a long bio yet *grin*). I'm currently 24 (for reference in case I get lazy and don't update for ages, that means I was born in July 1976), living in the North West of Ireland and languishing in the bowels of a Localization Co. *sigh* Still it could be worse...

Until I repeat my final year project (The Expert -scheduling/timetabling - System proved a lil' over ambitious last year, given the time constraints and need to sit exams and eat/sleep occasionally!) I will not have a BSc. in Computing from the Institute of Technology Sligo" until September 2001.

I love computers... (Not literally of course) And programming, techie/geek books are some of my favourite reading.

For more than that, just mail me and ask... Any suggestions for writeups (stuff you don't have time to do yourself) would be welcome also... My email is :

Seeya all round here I'm sure (now I've found "Everything" I don't need to leave.... EVER!)