In my opinion, an absolutely fantastic chain of music stores, with the distinct advantage of not being HMV, Virgin or Tower.

They, are, however, somewhat hard to come by. Founded in a wee shop in Glasgow's West End in 1990, they spread quietly into major cities in Scotland and occasional bits of England. Now, I'm especially pleased, since they've been brought to the masses - Union Street in Glasgow, right next to Central.

The plus points? While most CD albums are around £14 in other stores, just about all of the chart CDs in Fopp are £10. There's a selection of classics for seven quid, and a huuuge amount of goodie but oldies for a fiver.

What's more, they have a Suck it and see policy. Don't like what you bought? Bring it back, they'll give you your lolly back. What more could you ask for?

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