The Glasgow University Union's legendary Christmas party, "The Daft Friday Ball", a tradition streching back in the mists of time.

On the last day of term before Christmas (this year it'll be on December 15th), the partying starts at 8pm. And it doesn't stop until 8am the next day.

There's a ceilidh, bands, DJs, comedians, eight of the Union's nine bars are open. And the ticket price includes a full Scottish breakfast. I'm told that it usually sells out in about three hours, when tickets go on sale two months in advance. Says here "Evening Dress de rigeur" - from what I've heard, this means kilts for guys.. Although I'd imagine a tux is acceptable, too.

The competition is the QMU's 12-hour cheesy pop extravaganza, which is considerably cheaper to get into (£5 for one person, as opposed to £55 for two at DF), and doesn't require formal dress - but you have to be a member of the appropriate union to buy a ticket.

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