This is a daylog written in SMALL font. I leave it to the goodness of your browser to decide if you can read it without going blind. I don't want to take up too much space today. And it is a rant. Full of bitching. I even complain about my lot, which is a cardinal sin.
Today I mostly fucked around. Productivity == zero, in part due to the anticipated Christmas that this place seems to enjoy. Homesickness. It is also very late, I am very tired, but it is the kind of tired that makes me uncapable of stopping the Wheel of Oppression and leaving the damned keyboard that has become second nature to me.
Now, that was one big chunky paragraph, wasn't it. I also wasted a lot of time on IRC, but mostly on e2-related channels. I did not learn anything. I should be learning stuff to make myself competitive in the global marketplace, right ? Instead of trying for Level 8.
What else ... today is bachelor day, the day when me and my SO pretend that we do not live together, so no conflict on that side. I wrote email to my parents, which is always a good thing. The Popocatetpl is spewing ash, not a very good thing.


I bought a Palm IIIc for my SO, as a Christmas present. Still convinced that Christmas is a clever plot for making migrants and displaced people feel like shit.
But there must be at least one good spot in the day ? Hmmm ... well, Miss Nice was nice to me, but she always is, since she is nice to everybody. She is cute, but I cannot lust after all. That would lead to even more fuckuppery.
Since I am a boss, today I discussed firing people with my. I reccomended someone for axeing - it was disturbingly easy. I have to say that the guy is a turbo slacker. Now, I have nothing against slackers and slack (and Vitamin X), but I like my slackers to be productive. If they can do their share in two hours, and then elect to slack all day, more power to them.
But, if on the other side, they entertain me with the illusion of progress at project meeting, after a while I get pissed off.
I am turning into a mean bastard. Wait, I already was one: the only thing my SO and my father consistenly agree on is my lack of empathy with people. And who am I to disagree ? After all, they know me. But I try to present a human facade to the world. Some days it is tiring. Today, it was.

and then ashes rained from the sky