OK, this write up is about the Integra, not the car, the computer. Not a bad name really, the car is fast, and the computer is scoring big points too, atleast for what it is. It looks like an iMac, but its just a Monitor and Tower all in one, so one can upgrade it to a MoBo with DDR Ram when a MicroATX MoBo is devoloped with one.

Let us start with the specs:

  • Standard 15" TFT display
  • MicroATX motherboard (Interchangable and upgradable)
  • Standard 128 PC100 SDRAM (Yes! Expandable by normal, store bought SDRAM.)
  • PIII 850MHz CPU
  • 20Gb Hard drive
  • Comes with a ATi Rage 128 Pro 32 Mb, but can be changed to, say, a GeForce3 (Hehe, big power small package.)
  • Built in 10/100 LAN
  • $1,699 price tag (yikes!)
In most of "Tom's Hardware Guide" benchmarks, it did well, but it's just "yesterday's" system in a smaller, more apealing package. Personally, I would buy it just as a case and put my current system into it. The PC100 SDRAM just hinders the system with piss poor memory bandwidth, and an 850Mhz PIII is ok, but a 1Ghz or a 1.33Ghz Athlon would be nice. In order to do that though, a new power supply is in order ($30, ouch! Not.) Cooling is all in the placement. MoBo on the bottom, next is the power supply, then the hard drive, placed on it's side, next to a vent. Nice setup, looks like someone pulled a 2 a.m. Walmart run to get the Coke to power the idea.

So like I said to start, looks like an iMac, runs like an OEM PC.

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