wake up, walk cozmo, smoke, shower, clean the house a bit, start the dishes, get dressed, go to work.

i had submitted a nuke request yesterday for pallas, an uncredited cut-and-paste from britannica. my nuke request was removed but pallas wasn't. so i resubmitted the request... then discovered that almost all of this users factual writeups are uncredited cut-and-pastes. so i expanded the nuke request. 100 out of his 280 writeups. sheesh.

yesterday was interesting. today is stressing me. too little time to accomplish too many things. tomorrow i leave to go to my mom's house. i am excited. very very excited. but i still gotta do laundry, pack, wrap christmas gifts, and whatever other misc. stuff i'm forgetting. the man should be heading down here today, and we'll leave in the morning with my sister.

more later, i gotta finish working so i can try to leave early.