Friday, 9:36am

Interesting couple of days. Went to the company Christmas party on Wednesday, held at a restaurant on Shelly Beach, near Manly in Sydney. It was okay, most of the people there are pretty nice, but the vibe sure has changed since last year's exultant event. Flew home that night.

Yesterday, spent the afternoon having ADSL installed at home, which was needlessly dramatic. Telstra, of course, had screwed up just about everything possible, and the previous pre-sales advice that I could share the bandwidth between my various computers simultaneously turned out to be bogus. It took me hours of contradictory phonecalls to suss this out, of course. Finally, a cool French techie at Telstra confirmed for me that simple IP masquerading via a Linux box would be the only practical method of sharing the connection, even though that breaches the terms of service. That's what I love about the opensource movement -- honour amongst techies that is capable of transcending company loyalties...

Today: CLEAN UP THE HOME OFFICE and take a carload of cables and crap to the storage locker.