So today is the last day of my first semester of College. It was a fun semester, and supprisingly enough it went by pretty fast. The only problem is that my finals ended on wednesday, but i have to stay until tomorrow because i have to work. normally this would not bother me, but i didnt realize that they closed the cafeteria until i got down there, all ready to eat, only to find out that they're closed. Closed Damnit! whats worse is that they also turned off the heat in the building. Boo! once again this would not bother me, as i am one for winter camping and winter mountaineering, but all my warm stuff is with my girlfriend. once again... another boo! so now i get to chill (both litterally and figurativly) in my room till tomorrow when i go to work for the last time, then finally get to go home for the much needed winter break. Yay!