I am not fired. In fact, the person apologized to me. If I get this voucher to their clients in the next 25 minutes, all's well.

Except ME, I'm sick...feh. I think I got it from reading Starrynight's photons. Yep yep. Oddly enough, I don't feel sleepy from being up till almost 3 a. m. last night. I woke up at 6:45 a. m., so that's just weird. I don't get it. Oh well, I'm not complaining. The banana splits were a huge success with him and his roommate, who hadn't had splits since they were much younger. Then he and I watched the copy of "Whispers of the Heart" given to me by Starrynight. IT WAS SO GOOD! Mm...Studio Ghibli is full of tender-hearted genius. It was such a sweet and beautiful film, and yet realistic even for its flights of fancy. I've gotta say, any guy who can enjoy this movie is totally On My List.

So, so far so good. Today: Call bakery on birthday cake. Tomorrow: Get birthday cake, have cake and dinner with him and Mom. Saturday: surprise trip to the California Academy of Sciences and then lunch at Sapporo-ya (both of which shall be noded later if all goes well) in Nihonmachi.

I love planning things like this. ^.^