I woke up at 6:30am. Not exactly fun, having gone to bed around 2:30 that morning. Why? I don't know. I was too stubborn to take a sleeping pill, perhaps. Or maybe I was just so artistically inspired that I was forced to manifest my talent in a spontaneous self portrait drawn while looking in a mirror in the semi-darkness. Either way, sleep was not had.

School. Was late again, thanks to some amazingly disgusting traffic down Riley this morning. Wonderful. Had a tissues lab to do in Anatomy, my group and I ended up getting so frustrated that we refused to finish. Turns out that had been our teacher's intent. Grr. I hate being frustrated, especially when someone makes me so on purpose to prove a point. It really sucks when their point in a good one.

Filled out three college applications. Depressing, stressful, and a little boring. MSU, U of M, and Ferris. I'm really only interested in the University of Michigan, but I needed some backups. Sigh. I hate thinking about the future, especially when it's all up in the air and out of control.

I talked to Aaron on the phone for quite some time. SoberSephiroth and I have almost convinced him to join Everything. He doesn't know what he's missing yet. But he shall be converted to an Everythingian any day now. Muah ha ha ha.

I can't laugh evilly. It only makes me sound pathetic. I won't try again.

And now, I must return to my A.P. Stats homework. Woo! Statistics! I know I'm excited. Hope you all enjoyed you're day more than I did. 'Night.