15:07 EET

Nothing beats getting a good 8 hours of sleep after a few nights of insomnia. Ironically I nearly slept too much, resulting in me breaking the 100m world record running to the bus stop. Sydney, here I come!

The day has been great, if not counting my ongoing flu and the fact I might get busted for software piracy.
No, I'm not one of those silly warez kiddies or a merchant of pirated software. Somebody just managed to access my personal CD-ROM-list - which does contain the filenames of some mp3s and similar items - and submitted the URL to a warez search engine.
Gee, thanks!
The admin of the site has now been receiving lawsuit threats and such. Nice. I doubt getting caught from this would result in me doing serious time or paying more in fines than Henry the Great spends on coke on a regular weekend, but still.. It's quite disconcerting. Then again, since it was just a private list of the stuff I have stored on those CDs, with no links to the material or anything like that, I'll probably survive.
But that's the last time I'll put anything possibly controversial or discriminating to public_html. Even when certain files should be safe from people not knowing the exact address.. well, you might still get screwed.

Today's Writeups
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