Her turquoise eyes blink too fast,
reminding you of the


in digital numerals
On/off all the time,
shifting her weight from foot to foot,
tossing her head side to side
all that hair and
All that motion, wasted

Why then is she magnetic?
Why can't you turn away?

She's the one who talks so fast you can't get a word in


But you're the one speechless.

A song performed by the Fizzy Bangers that appears on the Fat Wreck Chords compilation, "Short Music for Short People." The track runs 8 seconds and is sort of self-descriptive and meta and all that. It kicks off the album -- a collection of 101 songs that run no more than 30 seconds each -- perfectly. It's almost worth buying the album -- which is pretty cheap -- just to hear this song.

Why can't people understand?
I got a short attention span;
short attention ... spaaaaaaaaaan.

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