A rodeo event where the participant must ride a really angry bull for eight seconds.

Factors that make this incredibly dangerous:
  • bulls are usually pretty angry by nature.
  • they don't like to be ridden in the first place.
  • cinch an animal's kidney and it really ticks them off.
  • after you're off, they will most likely chase after your sorry ass.
  • hands get caught due to how tightly they're strapped in. the bull will not stop just because your eight seconds is up.
The cowboy has to keep in rhythm with the bull as it bucks like crazy trying to throw its rider off. One hand is kept in the air to help balance, the other is strapped in very tightly, usually with what is called a "suicide knot". He has to do this for eight seconds until the sound of a horn/buzzer thing goes off, and then he dismounts usually by being thrown into the air, sometimes trampled, sometimes stabbed with sharp horns.

This is the event where rodeo clowns become necessary.

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