"I Love It" is a 2012 pop song by Swedish duo Icona Pop. The song could be placed in the broad category of dance pop music, with a simple but insistent riff.

I might have heard this song from car windows and in malls since 2012, but I only became consciously aware of it a few weeks ago while watching television, where a clip of it was being used to sell some product or other. In a ten second clip, the song is incredibly catchy and compelling. Especially since the most insistent lyric in the song is:

I crashed my car into a bridge and watched it burn,
I don't care, I love it
Which is quite an arresting image. For those who want to give the song a more in-depth listen, stretching their attention span out to the song's total two and a half minutes, the song is about a break-up, with the entire "watching the car burn" thing being a festive metaphor for detachment from a bad relationship. There are many who say that writing a vapid pop song is an easy task, but in reality it isn't that easy, or anyone would do it. This song's hook is a rare type of infectious. But it is also true that after listening to the song all the way through once, I can pretty much say I am done with it.

The song was also used to advertise a Samsung smartphone, Internet Explorer, and as the theme for a Jersey Shore spin-off, none of which say a lot for the song's artistic merit.

A few days ago, I was locking my bicycle up in front of the local supermarket, where a group of what passes for cool kids in our town were lounging around in a way that brought forth atavistic fears in me. Another kid walked by, with a boombox (or whatever the 2013 equivalent to a boombox is) playing this song loudly, and I was sorely tempted to at least nod my head to the beat. The cool kids were snorting derisively, and muttered something about how someone could have such bad taste in music. I suspect that they were feeling the same insistent urge to move that I was, and being teenagers feeling their coolness melting under the glaring heat of a deep beat, felt an extra urge to protect themselves by mocking the source of the urge. Because while this song is indeed stupid, it is hard to ignore.

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