Samsung is a Korean electronics company. The main focus of their product line is home electronics, but they branch out into office, health and professional electronics as well.

Company history
The Samsung (The name means "Three stars" in Korean) company was founded in 1938 by mr. Byung-Chull Lee as a trade export company. Fish and fruit was the main export articles. The company expanded rapidly into other professions, and soon they were manufacturing textiles and flour. After 1970, the company also started to include, on a larger scale, home electronics that made Samsung a household name abroad. At the same time, the invested heavily in ship yards, petrochemicals and in 1978 it had become a USD 100 000 000 000 / year industry.

Today, Samsung relies on the semiconductor part of the company to carry other investments and parts up. Some of the heavy machinery divisions are sold, and the main focus is semiconductor consumer products.

On a side note, their mobile phone division makes some of the coolest phones on earth.

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