I worked at Best Buy for three years as an AV/PC technician. This was by far the worst job I’ve ever had the displeasure to work at.

As a favor to anyone that gets stuck having to buy anything from them and to all the people that I had to say “sorry you VCR is still in the shop, call back in two weeks.” Here’s a trick that may speed things up for you in the long run.

To start off with a PSP is Best Buy’s extended warranty plan. Best Buy will call it many things but that’s all it really is. When I worked for them anyone that brought in an item with a PSP for service that their computer system showed as “non-devo” had to be sent out. When we sent an item for repair out it took at times months to come back. Why? Well most of the time a single service center will take in items from a region of stores. This makes the volume of items that come in a day very high. Most of the time more then what the service center can handle, Thus increasing the wait time for repairs.

How do you get around this? It’s as simple as asking the sales person if the item is “devo”. If the item is devo and you have a PSP for them item, then if the item breaks and you are still in the time limit of the PSP the item will be replaced with the same thing or something of the same value.

Use this information as you will but keep in mind I haven’t worked for Best Buy in almost a year. Rules and such change at any given moment. As far as I know this info is current but you never know.

Best Buy Co., Inc. - Random Facts and History

Best Buy headquarters is located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. As of June 2002, they have 481 retail stores in 41 U.S. states, and expect to have more than 550 stores by 2004. Best Buy currently has 94,000 employees, headed by CEO/Chairman Richard Schulze, Pres/COO Allen Lenzmeier, Pres Michael Keskey, CFO Darren Jackson, and Vice Chairman Bradbury Anderson. Best Buy Co. operates stores and websites under the names Best Buy, Media Play, On Cue, Sam Goody, Suncoast, Magnolia Hi-Fi and Future Shop. Best Buy Co. has 1,900 retail stores in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Best Buy was founded as Sound of Music in 1966 by CEO Richard M. Schulze. Sound of Music expanded to video gear (from audio-only) and adopted the Best Buy name in 1983. Best Buy went public in 1985 and began trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:BBY) in 1987. In 1989, Best Buy introduced a new retail format, placing all inventory on the sales floor with non-commissioned product specialists.


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