You know, there's probably a joke or two out there whose punchline is "...and then the economics professor collapsed", but lemme tell you...


It was any old day in ECN 200. Our professor was just as energetic as she usually is in class, answering economics questions left and right. The last bit of the conversation went a little like:

Professor: ...and if the government puts a $3.70/bushel price cap, what will the result be?
Student: A shortage?
Professor: Right!
Another Student: But... why would the government put a price cap on?

That's when it happened. Completely without warning, she fell straight to the floor. No gasping for breath, no apparent dizziness, no nothing, just straight down. The people up front (I was in the back of the class at the time) took quick action and called for help. The professor regained consciousness shortly before campus police came by. She appeared to be okay, but a little unaware of what had just happened. When the cop came by, he looked at the situation and simply said, "Class is dismissed". We all obliged.

We won't really know what happened until Tuesday, when we have class again.

Besides that, I headed back home to see if I could figure out my Calc stuff. I'm still painfully confused, a bit. I need help.

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