Tomorrow may be my last day at work for a while. In the UK it is common to have no petrol (gasoline) in your car today. After fuel rationing, we now have a petrol crisis. As Clone mentions, this has lead to food-hoarding, and food rationing. Hopefully we won't see a food crisis, as today, the petrol situation seems to be returning to normal (though slowly).

I started a new and exciting job on Monday. It combines my love of Java with, well, other stuff I'm trying not going to talk about too much. Best of all, my breakfast is provided every Tuesday and Wednesday. I love it.

Personally, I'm working on a Java API for Winamp. However, if someone has seen an existing one, (or even wants to see mine) do let me know. Also, at home, Big Brother reaches its conclusion tomorrow. Craig, Anna or Darren, who's it going to be? I don't much care, but I sense the public is behind Craig.

For lunch today, I had the best sandwhich ever. Sausage and egg on think white bread with mustard, tomato and salad cream. Fantastic.