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Well, at f*cking last

I have finally managed to have a proper cup of tea after spending 9 days in Holland. Now, I realise that to the non-tea drinker I may seem to be attaching too much importance to a mere drink. It is difficult to get across the beatified feeling that can be imparted to one if a proper cup of tea is consumed.

It's prolly a british only thing...

I'm such a slacker today. I really tried (really!) to get up for work, but I fell asleep in the bath and could hardly stay awake long enough to call in sick. That trade show must have took more out of me than I thought - I ache all over and I feel so much fatigue in my muscles.

I realised why I fell so deeply in love/lust with the girl yesterday on the plane. She looks pretty much like my dream girl (A girl in my dreams, not my "perfect mate")

I find it a little worrying that I can be so taken with a girl that she dominates my thoughts and dreams and fantasies so completely. I mean, I'm supposed to be this intelligent, rational being - but this girl has reduced me to a gibbering, wibbling, grinning, brain-drooling, lobotomised vegetable.

(Don't exhort me to talk to her or suchlike - she is engaged :-(