Another wonderful day...argh. Went to school (AGAIN) this morning to get my U-Pass. Didn't get it because the CTA is unorganized and stupid. Couldn't breathe for a large chunk of the day.

At work I finally got some shit to do...of course, all that shit is really hard now because the site's almost done. Spent more than 2 hours trying to make a JavaScript that checks onUnLoad if a bunch of form fields on a page were changed, and if they were, make it popup a confirmation that asks if the user really wants to leave without submitting the information changed in those fields. As expected, it is hell. Any help would be appreciated:

/* this is not yet working, so I will comment it out. 
function set() {
	var elements1 = new Array;
	for (thing in document.DCFSDispInfo.elements) {
		elements1thing = thing;

function stopnav() {
// confirms if user wants to navigate out of page without submitting.
	if (toString(document.formname.elements) != elements1) {
		if (confirm("You have not submitted the information on this page.
                               Continue without submitting?"))
			return true;	// user confirms; leave page
		else return false;	// user cancel.
still totally fucked up*/

(the form names have been changed to protect the investment) I don't know. Just can't make it do anything I'm planning for it. Tried putting a stopnav() in the submit button, didn't work; tried making hidden forms, didn't work; I'm right pissed off about it too.

I had espresso one of the Andy's made with his espresso maker that's on his desk. It ruled. I'm all on crack now. Ate my last piece of pizza from last night (it totally fucked my insides up last night).

Listened to Pitchshifter (Deviant), Bomb20 (Field Manual), and Pantera (Reinventing the Steel). It was good. I'm going to adoxograph's house tonite. We will play Magic and probably eat and then watch Striptease because it's bad. I might light her house on fire. I will light her cat on fire. No, I didn't mean we'll eat Striptease and then watch it.

Daily Affirmation: I will not get my modem to work in Linux. I will not get Apache installed in BeOS, nor will PHP or Perl work in BeOS. I will sleep poorly. I will have no dreams. I will not feel rested. I will wake up two hours before the alarm goes off with my stomach yelling at me. I will hurt. I will go to work. I will write tomorrow's day log. I will restart my process. Good day.