Finally got up at around 11... Had more or less fun last night in MUCK with the puppet-behaved vehicles.

Again, strange dream not long enough to put to dream log... I think I saw a TV commercial. It was modelled after the famous black-and-white banner ad, even had the "Miles to code before we sleep" (I immediately thought "...and promises to keep" =)... but it didn't say which company it came from, and something in it seemed to tell it was not from TEDC.

My first Everything dream? My addiction grows sillier...


Well, that's that for Usenet and e-mail. I guess. Now... Ummm... wellwell.

I have a bunch of stuff to node; Last night I made some updates to my copy of C64 Kernal routine table (added stack usage for the common routines). Maybe I should HTMLify it somehow and put it to E2.

Stuff to do: Learn more elisp, finish the bump mapping hack and the maze generator/solver for C64... Oh dear.


I got two movies on video - Star Wars episode 1 and The Mummy - for 100 FIM. First time noding and watching a movie the same time... =)


(Yes, folks, Commodore did spell that thing "kernal". Don't blame me for their abuse of language! =)

Kind of boring evening. I hope stuff will turn more interesting this night...

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: kernal Commodore 64 kernal reference