What I did on May 18, 2000:

Discovered that my problems updating AvantGo were not due to the sync server failing, something is up with my wireless net connection. As my cell phone is going away for repair anyway I'll ask them to take a look at that when they fix the mic. Of course, it might not be the phone, something could be wrong with the Infrared Modem, or even the PalmPilot. However, I don't have any way to test them right no so I will wait and see the result from the Pocket Phone Shop.

BluePrintVert has updated his website (http://www.blueprintweb.co.uk) which looks great so long as you use ie4+ or ns6+. He has also changed his email client to Eudora (with banner ads!), and is very glad he isn't going to be hit by *.VBS files. His conversion was due to Outlook deciding to demand that ie5 be installed when it already is and reinstalling ie5, Outlook and Office has no effect.

A is having more problems with his laptop (the one with the dead external CD-ROM unit). This morning it decided to forget the proxy server settings and disable the OK button on the relevant dialog box. Office then started to demand a Full Name and initials three times before opening properly. A is now on a spare laptop until his can be fixed, that will wait until the CD-ROM is taken away and sorted (it is now four days past the expected collection time) and we will then be upgrading it to Windows 2000.

GlastoBoy is suffering, he has little enough to do all day and is usually board, this time its worse as Royal Mail is on strike and he has nothing to do at all - except filing...

BS (those are really his initials) responded to my long list of questions about his problem --- by forwarding the original incomprehensible e-mail which I already had a copy of! I won't say anymore - it would probably get me fired.

I found a really great PHP script that creates PHP scripts to access MySQL, deciding that it would make life a lot easier for my project I installed it -- and it didn't work! I immediately started editing the code to no avail. Eventually I tracked down the problem, my edits to httpd.conf has turned PHP off completely. So with a quick cp httpd.conf.bak httpd.conf and a restart of Apache everything worked again! Makes me really glad I remembered to take a backup.

Got home to find my net connection dead, something is wrong with my ISPs systems, luckily they have a second phone number which did work so I am able to write this.

Mike is not happy with is current pbem rpg and wants to transfer to the one that I am involved in (they are affiliated). I've sent a note to the GM and hopefully she will reply soon.

Being a Friday night there is a lot of TV, so in absence of a date this week I'll be giving myself square eyes to the tune of Buffy, among other good (and not so good shows).

What I meant to do:

  • Finish sorting PHP frontend to disciplines section of the database; Made some progress, but not finished yet.
  • Post Student Finance application part 1; Thanks to the missing documentation being found this is waiting until tomorrow so I can add it.
  • Get video from HMV replaced.; Didn't need to, Warner is going to accept the out of date vouchers for the old (past expiry) promotion which they included instead of the new vouchers.
  • Haircut!; Once again I failed to get around to this, I'll put it on Mondays list

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Fuck the anthers, we're the sex pistils!
Away for a few weeks, came on to see if there was a conservative in the house who could argue reasonably for things like GWBush and letting the oil companies drill in national preserves then sell the oil overseas and explain how political donations don't influence politicians. Ai Ai Ai. And why school vouchers don't threaten public education and why teachers make too much money and why Bill Clinton's lies are worse than GHWBush Senior's.
But there's no wisdom in the first twelve minutes of surfing and there's likely to be less the further in ya go, (if it's an onion on the outside it's likely an onion on the inside too.)
And, I heard Octavia Butler on the radio today, and she sounds just like Julia Child.

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12:33 EET

Spent the whole evening working on LightWave 6.
I must be the slowest 3D modeler in existence, always getting stuck with ridiculously small details which I know won't even show in the final product. My use of lights also needs a lot of improvement. But I still had fun being creative.

No more pure-noding-days at work for a while.. I got the stuff needed for my new web project and started working on some graphics immediately. Not that there would be a stressing schedule, My workday will still be approximately 5-6 hours long. :)
The current job is pretty interesting, mostly because it's far more visual than the other projects I've been on lately.

It's been so damn hot at night and especially in the morning. I should get a bathtub so I could fill it with ice-cold water and sleep in it.
But while definitely being a winter person, I must admit that warm weather has its positive sides. Mainly girls' clothing. Even a guy like me with no chance whatsoever on the opposite sex can get some eye candy.

Tomorrow I'm off to Helsinki to spend the day outside with my pals. I suspect there will be some alcohol and/or herbal remedies involved.
No booze for me though. I still want to find my way home for my mom's 50th birthday the day after.

Track of the day:  Planetary Assault Systems - Fast Forward
Had my first exam today, no. 1 of three or four written exams.
Wrote an article about the way comercials affect us and did quite well I guess.
Noticed that Asfodel wasn't around, guess that guys a flunker now, decleared dropout by everyone.
Planing to spend the rest of the day wasting my time, getting enslaved by the TV, unless something happens.


Added 14:45 local time:

So that's it then, school's as good as finished for all that I care. The final draws shows that I've got 3 more written exams, all in my my dream subjects.
I've got another exam in Norwegian Monday, I've got English for Thursday and Geopolitics (best translation I can come up with) Friday. I know this stuff, I really do!
So now, there's a weekend in total peace ahead of me, I'll sleep, watch TV, maybe have a beer or two and just pull mind, body and spirit togheter before the exams, showing up totaly relaxed and in control of my self. Composed a node about Exam-preparations for the ones in a situation like mine, just to help people stay cool before their exams.

I'm as good as graduated! Hail to the king, baby! Schools out for summer!!!

At Work:

- The same two guys talking about golf, like they always do first thing in the morning.

- Looked up a bunch of system error messages, for some errors that I haven't seen before. Joy. Spoke to someone in Japan, and the usual people in Ireland and London. One in Austria.

- Co-worker in the breakroom (the one who just walked up behind me as I was writing this, ahem), warming up macaroni and beef. "My wife and I aren't getting along. I nearly threw this macaroni on the ground. She had a doctor's appointment at 6:15. I made dinner and it would of been ready by the time she came home from the doctor's. The doctor called me at 7 and said 'Where's your wife?' Well, it turns out that she had a meeting with her boss. She never called me or anything. So I said that I was going to take dinner outside and throw it on the goddamn ground. Pissed me off. Don't ever get married."


- Got my laundry done. Bought a Robert Bingham book at B&N. Wreaked havoc (I don't even want to talk about it). Now I'm depressed, and at work (Again).


- Pink gin and lamb's tongue. Mm.

Can't even come close... like phone sex:
Boss wants me to start running NT on my workstation (currently debian linux). ::sob:: I think dual booting will be the answer! Ingenious, Matt, ingenious.

War: Saw a funny cartoon concerning this Metallica vs. Napster issue over at joecartoon.com yesterday. See for yourself: http://www.joecartoon.com/buddies/chaos/index.html. If you're offended by strong language don't go there though.

I kin call mah ma frim up 'ere.. EY MA, GIT OFF THE DANG ROOF!
Ever notice that you can always differentiate those who can type without looking at they keyboard, and those who must look? I just received the following text in an email:
Notice that caps lock was turned on after the first word is typed but s/he never noticed. S/He proceeded to press the shift key to capitalize the "A" in "aPRICORN". Deduction: this individual cannot type for shit. But hey, who am I to judge?

Things to do today:

  • Take a nice long lunch (it's Friday)
  • Drink a beer at lunch (it's Friday)
  • Take a walk after work (stress relief)
  • Email friend at UPENN
The not-quite-so-numerous joys of performance tuning the AIX!
I began writing some shell scripts to benchmark the monster today, and did pretty well. So did the monster, cranking out invoices and who-knows-what left and right, its performance just shy of the AS/400. That boss-like individual stopped by and was quite surprised by my recent progress and was happy to learn that
  • The AIX was up and running, doing business transactions like there was no tomorrow,
  • The benchmarking scripts would probably run on the Solaris boxen and possibly other platforms as well.
In fact, he was so overjoyed he wanted a report on the progress. Sigh. That is the reason I'm still at work waiting for the monster to churn out some numbers and pretty pictures to include in the report.

Well, at least the weather is improving. I'll ask some of my cute girls-on-standby if they feel up to some mexican beer and lounging in the sun tomorrow.

OK, that's pretty much it. Got some work out to do.

Music for today: Underwater Love by Smoke City and Life in Mono by Mono.
Update 1820: Oooh, thunderheads on the horizon! I might just stick around for a while, this could be interesting.
yesterday i went whitewater rafting. another girl (jill -- she rules) from work and her boyfriend (dan) who works in the building, craig and i somewhat crashed the party. another company in the building has many outings and activities, and this one i was invited along. it was fun. the river was a bit low making the rapids a bit dissapointing, but it was still an amazing day. exercise in the outdoors rules. far better than work, NO DOUBT. the weather was perfect. not so hot as to be uncomfortable, and not so cold as to make the water feel freezing. $48 for a charter bus ride to the put-in, lunch, rafting, dinner and beer is a great deal.

it's going to rain today. i love the rain when i don't have plans to be outside. i'm glad the rain held off until today. i hope we get a good soaking and some nice loud thunder and lightning to add interest to the day.

i noticed the new node "men who judge women by their books". i love it. i don't know what my bookshelves would say about me. lots of heinlein, frank herbert, ray bradbury. tons of reference books (primarily about mathematics, human biology, botany and psychotropic/entheogenic plants) . my geek books are kept at work, so none of that is at home (though there wasn't a distinction about the location of the books). Ryu Murakami, Pat Frank (Alas, Babylon!), Chris van Allsburg, and buttloads more. currently i am reading several books: The Past Through Tomorrow (Robert Heinlein), The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams), and Lolita (Vladimir Nabokov). i have different books i keep in different locations... The Past Through Tomorrow is my on-the-toilet book, Lolita is my in-the-bathtub book, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is my before-bed book.
I have updated my personal ad in Iambe's Peer to Peer at http://personals.ufies.org -- My ad ID number is UF-5391. take a look:
  • Name: Kit Lo
  • Type: man looking for a woman
  • Age: 20

Just wanted to share some time in the big city...

I'm a single Asian male looking for a woman in New York City who can "embrace and extend" the same interests as I do. I like working on my computer, going out to see shows on Broadway (especially musicals), dining out in neighborhood diners, and writing in everything2.com (username: Kit Lo). In short, I want to hang out with a woman in the big, big city who's giving me "the willies" because she's so assertive and classy, ultimately making her so sexy...

Bear with me, friends. My fear-to-faith ratio has been way out of whack for the past several days.

Been house sitting for my mother-in-law an hour south of my family's current residence and having to commute back and forth for various appointments. Thank goodness she was kind enough to let us use her mini-van. My old piece of shit car has no air conditioning, plus it leaks oil, transmission and radiator fluid. It's only a matter of time before she's history.

MIL's house has been up for sale for many months and is due to go off the market next week. Did it sell? No. Is it a nice home? Yes. Has she offered it to us at a very reduced price? Yes. We've been having our first experiences with mortgage lenders - argh! Now would be a splendid time for my family to win the lottery.
I have a DVD-ROM drive, but I can't play DVD's because NT doesn't support it. Why do I cling to NT? The chief computer geek took the day off, so it fell to me to resurrect the file and mail servers. It felt GOO-ood to be The Man. Why do I kid myself that I don't want a tech job? The scanner has been useable for weeks, but I haven't scanned any of the photos and journals and mementos. Why do I hold on to the endless scraps of self-documentation?
I wear dressy black slacks and a white button-down shirt, but I forget my wallet on my way out. Thus I miss my morning cholesterol sandwich; therefore, I also forget to take vitamins. I smoke three whole cigarettes (full-strength Marlboros) with %.- at lunch. It's official, tomorrow I'll soak up a full 8-hour shift of overtime. Too bad I don't get time-and-a-half anymore... I'm "management". =P
Lee forgot to bring CCR cd's so I agree to stop by his house after work. I'm running low on coffee, so I plan to hit ShopRite as soon as I get home and get my wallet... by the time I get home, though, going out again is unattractive. I can live without CCR until tomorrow and coffee will hold out for a few days. So much for self-discipline today. The weather is rainy and gray and I need to believe that's why I lack interest in Getting Things Done.
I had planned to go to all my classes today, simply because it was my last day, and thought it would be the Right Thing to do. But after Pure Maths in the morning, and some prompting from Tom, I couldn't be bothered, and went home just after lunch. I'd already bumped into the git who takes the maths class I have all afternoon, but I really couldn't care less anymore.

There was a party for the crew of last week's production of Millionaire, the main purpose of which appeared to be to give Chris a chance to get together with a gal. It didn't really work.

We got a 27" pizza at one point. It was finished within five minutes.

Got a taxi home with the girl next door, who I hadn't really talked to before. I have her mobile number, now.. whether I'll actually use it is another matter, though.

Oh, and in just a moment, I'll get my 100th writeup.

I am baffled as to why so many of the great guys that I know do not have girlfriends. This includes Kit Lo and my friend Chris and another E2er who shall not be named. My guess is that perhaps it's for the same reason that I have few girl friends: interesting women are hard to come by, uppity women are out in favor of patriarchally submissive women who believe they are liberated because they have careers and sleep around.

I wonder if there is a word for the feeling of a love missed, for someone you could have/nearly fell in love with? If there is I suspect it's French, like l'esprit d'escalier.

What I did today was have my yard sale. I sold $100 of stuff, which was good, but not good because I also got a message from the Mayflower agent, who said it's going to cost $3000 to move the contents of my 2-bedroom apartment. Ouch! And I spent part of the day with Chris, which was great but didn't make up for not having my SO here. (My nickname for him is Kai, so that's what I'm going to use from now on. :p)

Speaking of whom, I bought that journal today. It's by Flavia and has a beautiful Pre-Raphaelite painting on the cover. I hope I can fill it well.

Selling things and packing things stirs up old memories. My gaming stuff, teddy bears, art supplies, the old wax bamboo parasol I've had since forever. And my seventh grade GT teacher showed up, too. It was interesting to talk to her, and tell her about Stanford and all. With all that and Chris, it was quite the memory lane day.

Still no rainbow.
All bottle return and nothing else makes Spam a dull boy.
All bottle return and nothing else makes Spam a dull boy.
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      All bottle return andnothing else makes Spm a dull boy.
        All b ttle return and nothing else makes Spam a dull boy.
          All bottle return and nothing else maks Spam a dbull boy.

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All bottle return and nothing else makes Spam a dull boy.

AllbottNFS server overlook not responding, still trying...
NFS server overlook not responding, still trying...
NFS server ok.lereturnandnothingelsemakesSpamadullboy.


And then I slept...

After discovering that a Steam Engineering plant is one of the most divinely complex systems ever considered or created by man, I crawled into my coffin-like bed and slept until 11:30 this morning. At 11:30, I stirred, looked about, and slept for another hour. I awoke, stiff and guilty, but well rested for the first time in several days.
It cost you $750,000 today for me to be underway today.

My fine vessel hosted 1600 extra people today as a sort of 'hey, this is what the Navy is all about' day. That's right, because a conventionally powered aircraft carrier costs about one million dollars a day to run (food and fuel), the little three quarter day jaunt I took this morning and afternoon cost about $750,000 dollars. Of the sixteen hundred people that left with us, I'll bet around seventy-five actually join. So let's see, $750,000/75 = $10,000 per general issue, grade A sailor. The first ten grand of many to come, I'm sure.
A ship requires electricity, even when not steaming.

When we pull in, we have to pull shore power cables up to the ship. These are about fifty feet long and way about 1,000 pounds each. We pull 24 shore power cables (each have a rated capacity of around 400 amps) This gives us enough power to run everything but the anchor windlass, a winch powered by an enormous electric motor that has a starting current close to 5,000 amps. Anyway, we tied up to the pier around 4:30 and didn't finish pulling them (and thus being able to leave) until 7:30. Now, here I am, back on the ship at 12:30. Yeah, all 1600 of you morons and idiots come on down and join the Navy. Just don't expect to leave anytime soon.
But I did get to rub lotion on my wife's legs again,

which is nice.

Friday 19 May 2000
08:45pm Me, Iain, Kaiser Sozey and Leynos went to watch American Psycho at ABC Cinema near Toll Cross. Okay film I guess.
11:00pm After film we went back to KFC at Clerk St. KFC told us they didn't like us and we weren't allowed to eat in. We took our food back to Iain's place. Talked about stuff and ate our food.
02:00am "It's time to go home now", I said. Kaiser Sozey went to phone the taxi. Waited outside and saw Kaiser Sozey go off in the taxi.
"Hmm, I think I'll go to Greenfield Suite to use the bog there", Leynos says after the taxi departed. Leynos somehow needed to do a No. 2 desperately. Maybe it was because of the bad Kebab he had.
"Eh? We are standing right outside Iain's flat. Why don't you use the toilet inside?", puzzled me.
"Because he's short on supplies", Leynos replyed.
I questioned Leynos, "Whose supplies? What do you mean short on supplies??".
"Short on supplies", Leynos repeated.
"You what?", Iain said.
"Oh right, Iain don't you have more bog roll?", I questioned Iain.
I asked Leynos, "How do you know Iain's short on supplies?".
"Because I went to his toilet", Leynos said.
Iain replyed, "I'm sorry, there should be more. I keep on buying lots and they all keep disapearing".
"Maybe Jackson took them all", I said.
"Yeah, he probably keeps them all in his room for himself", Iain said.
Anyway, Leynos decided not go to Greenfield Suite (10mins away) and take the walk to KB (35mins away) with me and use the bog there (at KB). Near KB I said, "I'm going home okay" and walked pass KB home while Leynos went into KB.
02:45am I got back home and read Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus in bed.
03:30am Leynos came back home and knocked on my bedroom door. He came in and said, "Mind if I get some clothes" and took a boxer short and a pair of trousers from the drawer beside me.
"What's wrong?", puzzled me.
"Things didn't go according to plan", grinning Leynos.
Suddenly this awfully horrible smell went upon me, "WHAT'S THAT SMELL!?", I exclaimed.
"Ermm", as Leynos walked backwards out of my room closing the door in front of him. It's as though he didn't want me to see his behind.
That night I heard noises of clothes being bunged into the washing machine and Leynos taking a shower. Also, Leynos kept appologising to me and kept on shouting, "I won't do it again" through my door.

Question What really actually happened to Leynos that night? Who knows? He didn't tell me and we both didn't talk about it again.

Possible Answer 1 Leynos the way he is always going to the computing labs to read news and download stuff for hours on end (slow net connection). Once he got into KB Centre level 2, there are two doors he could choose. By looking at one of them, it's the Gentlemen's washroom door. The other door leads into the computing labs. He thought to himself, "hmm, my stomach's not that bad now" and takes the door into the computing labs. He goes on the internet, read news, download stuff and load up ICQ. (03:03am - logged on Kaiser Sozey's ICQ messages). He talks to Kaiser Sozey about stuff and looses time with himself. Later, Leynos gets interrupted by weird disturbances in his lower rectim. All of a sudden, it all comes gushing out.

Alternative Answer 2 Using the clue above this is how I think what happened when Leynos got to KB.
02:35am Leynos arrives in KB Centre and walks up to level 2 toilets where there are discremenating graffiti about CS Students on the walls of cubicals. Desparate Leynos who is bursting for the bog quickly runs into the ONLY ONE cubical in level 2, sits down and quickly does it, bursting with splatter taks and dropping mud. After the relief and to his shocking horror, the same problem at Iain's place, there is no bog roll in level 2 toilets.

My daylogs: next

I may as well start at the very beginning. The condensed version of the "Kim and I" story goes like this:

Watakushi no kioku ga tashika naraba... (in chairman Kaga's voice: "If memory serves me correctly...") I met Kim in chorus class at Landon Middle back in 1990. Later that school year, chorus practice was on a Thursday, instead of Wednesday for a reason I don't recall. Kim couldn't ever go to chorus practice on Wednsday, also for a reason I don't recall. After practice that day my friend Teddy and I were talking about how that girl Kim "was pretty cute" and about how he was thinking about asking her out. I said, "No way man, I'm going to ask her out first."

Fortunately for a shy person like myself, Kim and I rode the same activity bus (the bus that drops everyone off when they stay after for activities, of course). Waiting around for the bus gave me some time to work up the nerve. So, with a burst of courage and a flick of my 'wavey' gelled bangs, I asked Kim if she'd go out with me. To my dismay she didn't answer right away -- after the winding ride to her stop, she got off the bus, and, as she crossed Emerson, yelled out, "YES!" That was January 10, 1991.

A little over 468 Thursdays later, I was flying up to St. Louis, where Kim had moved with her family in April of 1992. Kim was graduating from UMSL on May 20th, and I wanted to be there to witness her transition and congratulate her achivement.

Of course, I also had a more nefarious reason for going up. At the end of March, Kim had flown down to Jacksonville for a visit, and one night we both had a simultaneous epiphany (at least that's how I see it) that now was the right time. Because of this "paradigm shift" from coping to acting, I prepared the heirloom my mother's mother had handed down. On the Wednsday before I left, I picked it up from the jeweler's shop.

On Thursday evening (May 18, 2000) Kim picked me up from the airport and we hooked up with her friend Cicely. She, Kim, and I went to dinner at King and I, a Thai resturant up the street from Cicely's joint (boy was that stuff spicy!) Later that night we drove back to Kim's side of town to find a place for me to stay, since it was close to two A.M. at this point. I got a room at the Red Roof where they only give you one towel, even if your room has two beds! The next morning when we got up, I checked into a better hotel and then we had breakfast.

While we were planning the day's agenda I suggested we go to the Arch. When we got there we parked on the bank of the river near the Riverboat McDonald's. We walked to the Arch and bought tickets for the tram to the top. While we were waiting for our appointed turn we checked out the museum underneath. After about half an hour of reading about Whitey holding the aboriginal Americans down it was time for our trip to the top.

At the end of the line for the tram, there is a metal detector, just like at the airports. Kim went through in front of me, but when I walked through the box in my pocket set off the alarm. I stepped backwards and while Kim was looking away I swung the box through the metal detector to show the guard what caused it. I held my finger up to my lips and said, "Ssh, It's a ring."

Then the guard said aloud, "Oh. It must be your... keys!"

Kim looked at me in confusion; we both knew I didn't have my keys with me. I thought the jig was up. Kim didn't seem to notice, though, so we rode up the tram to the top. We looked out and I took pictures while Kim pointed out all the buildings. "There's were the Cards play... There's where I was naturalized... There's where graduation will be..."

After a while, Kim asked if I was ready to go. I said, "Not yet. I have a present for you."

I pulled out the jeweler's box, and pulled the little green velvet box from it. While we were laying there on our stomachs in front of the observation window I showed her the ring, gulped, and looked her in the eyes, "Kimberly Ann Niemeyer, will you marry me?"

She said sweetly and quietly, "Yes," and gave me a big kiss.

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