The not-quite-so-numerous joys of performance tuning the AIX!
I began writing some shell scripts to benchmark the monster today, and did pretty well. So did the monster, cranking out invoices and who-knows-what left and right, its performance just shy of the AS/400. That boss-like individual stopped by and was quite surprised by my recent progress and was happy to learn that
  • The AIX was up and running, doing business transactions like there was no tomorrow,
  • The benchmarking scripts would probably run on the Solaris boxen and possibly other platforms as well.
In fact, he was so overjoyed he wanted a report on the progress. Sigh. That is the reason I'm still at work waiting for the monster to churn out some numbers and pretty pictures to include in the report.

Well, at least the weather is improving. I'll ask some of my cute girls-on-standby if they feel up to some mexican beer and lounging in the sun tomorrow.

OK, that's pretty much it. Got some work out to do.

Music for today: Underwater Love by Smoke City and Life in Mono by Mono.
Update 1820: Oooh, thunderheads on the horizon! I might just stick around for a while, this could be interesting.