A pretty nice and powerful set of midrange computer put together by IBM in the late '80s under codename Silverlake. The project was compensation for punishing us with over 15 years of the System/38 and '/39 mainframes. The new ones are squat little boxes, black with red or blue go faster stripes, run OS/400 and have RPG as their mother tounge.

Short for Application System/400, a line of IBM minicomputers introduced in 1988 (though today it isn't called minicomputer nor mainframe- it is now called an enterprise server]). AS400 machines has two variants: the white and the black box.

AS400 has proven itself to be one of the most reliable, efficient, fast and secure rig today even with its "jurassic" nature and programming style (commonly RPG and CL). As a matter of fact, many large companies today are still run by AS400 like 3M and other banking and telecommunication industries. Funny how a 15-year old system runs these companies.

Additional info: not all workstations accessing AS400 are dumb terminals. Today, we have these AS400 emulators running on windows platform (e.g. Rumba or better yet, the AS400 PC-based itself).

That's all.

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