Restructured EXtended eXecutor language, a scripting language by IBM developed for mainframes but now available on practically all platforms, including Linux.

The Amiga version of Rexx is called (unsurprisingly) ARexx, and due to Commodore including it with Workbench since 1991, has gained amazing popularity.

Nearly every Amiga program has an ARexx port, and with a small bit of scripting can be asked to communicate with any other ARexx capable program. Most Amiga web servers, including Apache, can use ARexx for CGI programs, and this opens up almost infinite possibilities for Amiga-hosted web sites.

REXX was originally an internal IBM language called REX, for Restructured Extended Executor, replacing the unimaginatively named EXEC and EXEC2 languages on mainframe operating systems. When it was turned into an o-fish-al product, the legal beagles insisted on the name change because of trademark infringement concerns.

REXX was written pretty much singlehandedly by a really bright guy named Mike Cowlishaw at the IBM Hursley (UK) research center.

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