Originally named "Pile o' Bones"; current population just under 200,000.

Unlike what crum and others expect, Regina is actually a cultural center in the prairies. This has mainly to do with the fact that it's in the middle of the prairies: the isolation enforced by 500 miles of farmland in every direction means that the city can support a level of affluence and civilization disproportionate to its size.

Regina has a Globe Theatre, a symphony orchestra, and a major art gallery. It has the largest urban park in North America, its own university, parallel art galleries, and a growing film industry. It's also a hotbed of socialism in the middle of a farming province.

Bagels aren't popular, but donuts are. Canada generally has the highest per capita rate of donut shops by a factor of five over number two; Regina leads that category.

People outside of Regina giggle when they hear the name because Regina rhymes with "vagina". People from Regina never understand, because they never make the connection. People in Regina also make fun of people who live 45 miles west, in Moose Jaw.

It's still a boring city, and if you haven't left by the time you're twentysomething, you're doomed.

Latin for Queen. When the State is prosecuting someone for a crime (in a Commonwealth country), the case will be phrased "Regina vs. (insert name of the turd burglar here)."

Regina is also a portable Rexx interpreter, that (as of writing) runs on "most Unix platforms and also to OS/2, DOS, Win95/98/NT, Amiga, QNX, BeOS, OpenVMS and OpenEdition.

(Amiga and OS/2 are known to run Rexx without funky interpreters, though =)

Home page: http://www.lightlink.com/hessling/Regina/

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