Created by Gibby Miller in the spring of 2000, Makeoutclub, or MOC, is basically a want-ad service for AIM, containing pictures and 'profiles' of various artsy emo boys and girls. In addition to the pictures, the site also contains a rather active message board, publicizes shows, and sells merchandise. Anyone registered on this webpage can expect to get hundreds of AIM messages from people with names like xXEmOStARChICK3421Xx. Although, as turkderek noted, there are some good people on there, the site is particularly infested with posers and losers; however it is more considered amusing than anything. The site is often seen as comic relief for other internet sites such as PFC or Buddyhead.

For a while, under various addresses, there was a site containing naked pictures of various MOC members. To my knowledge, it is no longer around.

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