British company that manufactures guitar amplifiers of remarkable quality, including the legendary and highly regarded AC30, as well as a number of types of electric guitar (used by, among others, Joy Division's Ian Curtis and Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3).

Vox: A Novel (1992) by Nicholson Baker, is written almost entirely as a verbatim telephone conversation between a man and a woman, separated by both geographical distance and time-zone. Their conversation ostensibly begins in a telephone chat-room, and after spending some time in a semi-public forum, they switch to a private line to continue their discussion.

I found this novel incredibly erotic, as this couple of strangers begin by describing themselves and their attire, before moving on (cautiously) towards a frank discussion of sexuality, eroticism and mail-order underwear.

The ending? Without meaning to ruin this terrific read (best done in one session) for anyone else, the ending is... well, happy.

Vox (?), n. [L. See Voice.]

A voice.

Vox humana () [L., human voice] Mus., a reed stop in an organ, made to imitate the human voice.


© Webster 1913.

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