The Gibson G101 Combo Organ, a highly popular though somewhat scarce combo organ made so by Ray Manzarek of The Doors: many of the confused might think he is playing a Vox Continental. What sets this organ apart from others is that it features an expression pedal which allows the bending of notes as well as an on-board reverb, tremolo, and repeat-note function.

All tones are generated by analog means, which makes it a pain to find replacement parts for it, allowing 6 octaves and unlimited polyphony.

Allowing only approximately 15 instruments, including 3 separate basses playable on the last 3 octaves switchably, this was not the most unique of combo organs: so why so special to The Doors? Simply because it had a flat enough top to allow Ray to place his Fender Rhodes Bass Piano on top!

Due to this fact these organs in mint condition with foot pedal, expression pedal, and turquoise green vinyl in tact and in mint can fetch up to $2500... but do not overlook the fact that they have been popping up in thrift stores for no more than $20 around the nation!

At the time, the time being from the 60s to the 70s, these organs were popularized in bars all throughout the seedy points of cities. They were cheap thrills, and people deft at their playing could earn a week of drinks for a few nights of playing them.

Philip K. Dick dips into the strange market of the electric organ in "We Can Build You," where an organ manufacturer eventually manufactures human organs. The organs maintaining a metaphor of "emotion control" throughout the story.

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