2 oz. Gin or Vodka, Dash of Dry Vermouth*

Stir with ice & Strain into a chilled Cocktail glass, Garnish with skewered Cocktail onions, *Omit vermouth if ordered dry

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In the late 1800's Orville Gibson designed a new mandolin. He used his expertise in violin making and applied it to the traditional bowl-backed (bazooki) mandolins. He patented the design in 1898, and this new instrument became one of the foundations for the Gibson Company in 1902.

Gibson moved on to guitars, but his company continued improving on his mandolins. In the 1920s, Lloyd Loar designed the F-5, which was more ornate and included a scroll design. It was based on Gibson's old F-4 design that founded the company.

Bill Monroe's Blue Grass Boys took Lloyd's F-5 and created a whole genre of music. Monroe played an original Lloyd-designed F-5 until he passed away.

The name of a fictional brand of supercomputers from the movie Hackers. Specs for The Gibson:

-Its a room full of glowing blue plexiglass towers, along with four larger towers which have electricity arcing between them.
-It runs on a multi-user variant of MovieOS
-Its used to find oil, do physics, and stuff, as well as control the ballast systems on supertankers.
-It has a three dimensional interface, when files are viewed, they appear as floating mathematical equations.
-It comes with a 140" monitor, and built-into-the-desk glowing red touchpad keyboards.
-Viruses written for The Gibson have the ability to speak, and sometimes even have personalities.
-The Gibson has to be hard wired to the network, that way, when malicious users are connected to it, there's no way you can just unplug the ethernet cable.

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